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  1. This has me fuming. Multiple brokers are stopping people from buying shares. I use two different brokers. One of them is not allowing purchases of certain stocks. I will no longer be doing business with them. The people getting squeezed and the firms participating are full of adults who know the risks. If they lose money then they are learning a lesson they presumably should have learned early in the game. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions especially the big boys.
  2. I love Tatuaje. Age Tat Brown Label cigars and the pepper really mellows out. That Nicaraguan bite smooths out but retain the body and flavor. The Noellas are nice fresh but most cigars from that part of the world need time to mellow out. Your patience will be rewarded. Happy Hunting!
  3. I would agree with @CigarZen and @sw15825 that age in general is good. 4 to 5 years as a rule of thumb will give you cigars that will be ready to smoke and completely over any young edge or tannin forward flavors. This is my personal preference. When I first began in this hobby roughly 5 years on a cigar before smoking was pretty much industry standard so I have been doing this ever since. Back then it was much easier to get your cigars to this minimum age because you would receive boxes with between two to three years of age, sometimes more when ordering. This is no longer the case especially with the more popular brands/vitolas. You are fortunate to get a year old box. It's a lot tougher to build up stock. I've noticed that if my cigars are good at around five to six years of age those cigars tend to have potential to age well for multiple years. Now, having said this I will tell you that aging your cigars can be a rollercoaster ride. I know It has been for me. You can have a cigar that was very good a year ago, taste one today and be totally underwhelmed. You may bury that box and try it again in a few years to discover they have turned the corner again. Peaks and valleys are common. This is why people will advise that if your cigars are tasty and to your liking now to smoke them. Age cigars you enjoy and don't give up on cigars that aren't stellar right away.
  4. I would say medium. They are nowhere near the potency of the stronger Nicaraguan cigars. Tatuaje are very balanced cigars overall.
  5. Nice find! I thought they stopped making these? If you wouldn't mind letting me know via PM what vendor you used. Thanks
  6. Cohiba Petit Robusto from the Petit Robusto Sampler. EOS JUL 16
  7. Smoking a few Trinidad Reyes with some friends. RAG JUL 19. This box seems to have an especially musty barnyard scent.

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