WINNER ANNOUNCED! Cohiba: Weekend Review Competition

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Each weekend we will go through a review of one of the the marques. Last weekend was Bolivar....this weekend.....Cohiba! :spotlight:

Cohiba is one of the pillars upon which Habanos sa stands. The fact is that they sell.... and they sell well!

Pick any Cohiba and review it this weekend to go into the draw for a box of Cohiba Siglo 1  :ok:

  1. Start a new thread in the Waterhole. 
  2. Use this format:   Cohiba Robusto UAO ABR 18  (CWRC ) *
  3. Add a photo or two
  4. A  detailed review + score it in your own way. 

If you don't have a date code, give us a year. 

To be drawn Tuesday local time!

Have a great weekend!!!!


* (CWRC=Cohiba Weekend Review competition). 


Cohiba Siglo 1 NOV 18.jpg

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Congratulations, even though I did not join in, I enjoyed reading the reviews and am inspired to try some new cigars.  

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What!! Wow. I can’t believe it. This really made my day. As if it wasn’t enough to have this forum and all the great info and reviews from everyone, it also comes with free smokes. I haven’t ever tried a Siglo I, but I’m looking forward to it. This should really convince my wife that my cigar smoking is a worthwhile endeavor. :) Thank you!

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Congrats !

3 hours ago, Chef said:

That’s a very generous prize.  

Just missed the deadline for posting ??

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