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  1. Wow, good catch. Sorry, but it HAS to be original formula Coca-Cola. The difference is HUGE. THE RESULTS ARE SKEWED. ? But, seriously. ?
  2. Parti PCE from another stellar box. I forget the factory code but I know it's FEB 18. Rich, nutty, with a long sourdough finish.
  3. Welcome! The more you try to avoid the 24:24, the sooner you're sitting there waiting for it to post. There is no cure. Welcome to your demise.
  4. Yay! This is awesome. ? Haha. I'm so sick of this stupid generic question and I like that Sr. Bichot basically throws it into the wind in one breath. I don't think he meant nothing is written down. I think he just meant that the actual selection of the tobaccos to meet the criteria of a blend requires hands on knowledge and practice beyond the basic recipe (what is written down). But I don't know. Surely somewhere there are notes for each blend. That was an excellent read, thanks @rabidraccoon!
  5. I have to admit an egg that size scares me a little bit. That's a whole lot of egg sloshing around in there. A whole lot. But I'm down to try anything. I think. ?
  6. Yup. One 60g Boveda per 2-3 boxes in a 6-mil poly bag, sealed.
  7. I do for boxes I'm aging. It keeps the boxes stable and negates any worry about fluctuation in the main compartment. As long as the main compartment is between 55% and 65% over the year the Bovedas will last practically forever. They are just buffers. No more worry about the humidor breaking down while away. I do the same thing with my WeatherTights: two or three boxes per poly bag with a 60g Boveda and a single 320g Boveda in the bulk compartment.
  8. Enjoying this ASU MAY 18 Monte 4 as @JohnS posted his above. Different factory. Same hue. Same delicious. A good month for Monte 4s, then.
  9. Just blow a smoke ring in their direction and watch them run to their safe spaces with arms flailing. Tobacco smoke is millennial SJW repellent. You're a terrorist.
  10. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/3-suspect-cigar-forum/
  11. That made me laugh. Uhh, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks lol. If you like your cigars with coffee then that's all that matters. I'm a Coca-Cola with my cigars type through and through. Can only, poured high over cubed ice so that just the right amount of carbonation is released. I like strong cigars and Coke perfectly compliments, for me. I only sip to keep my pallet fresh. It's the only time I drink anything else besides water and morning coffee. Cigars with: Coffee bleh, Beer bleh, Juice bleh. I don't drink liquor. Coke (or water) it is. ? ?
  12. Don't forget the best deals are on clearance days (Mondays, and also Fridays, Brisbane time) and the carts make it very easy. ? Whatever you go with, have a great summer.
  13. No no no I was just making sure you saw it. Pretty sure you're good! ?
  14. Welcome to FOH! Check out the humidor sub. Lots of info for ya. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/11-humidor-tutorial/
  15. Cheers! I use large sensor SLRs, usually with fairly fast primes opened up a bit so I can just hand hold for a quick snapshot. Usually a Nikon D810 or D700.
  16. No prob, dude. Sounds like you're good to go. Cheers! If you look really close in two of the pics you can see where I drilled a 3/8" hole through the back and routed the power wires through with rubber grommets. Look just below the switch/junction box on the back and just below the left Sp. Cedar plank on the inside rear surface and you can see the entry point (they're bundled in some cable loom).
  17. It's just a custom humidifier that I designed to minimize standing liquid water, avoid material-based bead socks, and make use of a water recycling loop. I think a lot of the big pro-custom humidors also recycle the TEC condensation; doing this GREATLY minimizes the maintenance required as far as humidification goes (aka increases the utility). The main points are that I use silica beads to capture and evaporate the liquid water in the system and I use a large, low-speed main fan on a variable and/or humidity controlled duty cycle to induce evaporation, meaning it runs for a minimum of 1 minute out of every 5 minutes, or more if required. Where I see mold and mildew problems the most often is A) around standing/stagnant water, B ) around water-logged cloth/material/wood, and C) where there is a lack of air-flow. So I built a humidifier which solves those issues and then did a custom Sp. Cedar interior and added integrated 12Vdc and 5Vdc power to support it. Everything is connected using simple Molex connectors so it's easy to completely disassemble for cleaning (important!). I use extremely low speed, silent, long-life fans. Note that the smaller circ fan shown on the right wall in these older pics has been relocated to to the back above the TEC housing, which works better. This fan is always running so the air volume is always slowly rotating. I only store closed boxes. It's a rugged system and has been going for almost twelve years. I replace the beads every few years and I rarely add any extra water, it's super efficient. I don't want to derail @Bri Fi's thread any more than this, but hopefully it relates. It seems like the biggest issue people have with their TEC units stems from condensed water management. You need to keep your cigars/boxes away from the liquid water, and you need to handle the liquid water by either draining it to the external evap tray or by recycling it in your humidification system. The second option is more work but WAY more efficient since you eventually put the condensed water back into the air volume as working humidity. But the most important thing is to realize that this water is going to be there by design and to keep your contents away from it. Do that and you're golden. Using some 1/4" Sp. Cedar standoffs on the back panel will help keep cigar boxes from touching the rear drain channel and picking up water. Keeping your boxes from sitting directly on the floor will save them in case your drain backs up and prevent them from blocking the drain by accident. I will also add that I have heard that the gravity drain in these units is prone to a manufacturing defect where the drain tube can be clogged by plastic from the factory. To anyone setting up a new unit I would suggest testing the drain to make sure it's working.
  18. Wow, crazy! That's a new one. Would an airline dare hand out tobacco (*gasp*) today? Absolutely not. I'm happy it was still such a great smoke. Great review and thanks for sharing this one with us. P.S.> Those cases look so 70s. Clearly they were ahead of their time!
  19. That's the main point. I fully agree. Yup. Colorado is rough. Put your bulk storage where temps are most stable in the short term (days) and don't worry so much about long term temperature changes (seasonal). Those week long 105° F (40.5° C) stints we have in July/August are tough for me because I live in a mid-rise condo and it's nearly impossible to keep my home below 80° F (26.6° C) during the middle of the day. The most interior closet I have is the most stable place here and that's where my WeatherTights live. Thirteen years living here and I've yet to lose a cigar. Those mid-summer days are the reason I freeze EVERYTHING. I recommended a long-span temperature data-logger in another thread. Handy for this kind of situation. It's helpful to know what you're actually dealing with inside your containers. ?

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