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  1. I've been looking at a replacement for my nearly ten year old Weber performer kettle. I also have a pellet smoker and a flat top, so the weber is really just for quick charcoal jobs, and it works like a champ. That said, I'm a sucker for toys, and I have been looking at these: I don't have personal experience with them, but they seem to be high quality, get good reviews, and I am definitely considering getting one.
  2. So sad to hear. I always enjoyed his contributions to the forum, and had the privilege of participating in a couple of his box passes, which were awesome to say the least. RIP brother of the leaf. I give my condolences to his wife and family. I will have a cigar in his name very soon. In fact it probably needs to be from one of those box passes.
  3. Matt at Avallo Humidors is low volume, all hand made to order. Carrying the torch since Staebell/Aristocrat closed (or did he? Looks like the website is still up?). I have one like this in production since last summer, really excited about it, hopefully completed soon:
  4. Happy New Year FOH! I haven’t been very active on the forum lately, but I think of you all daily, and Di will attest that I am studiously adding to my stash 😬. And it feels Ike home when I do find my way back. I wish you all the best in the new year.
  5. I always knew she was special, but the tributes are amazing. An incredible life.
  6. I have really come full circle on the PSD4, from initially hating the sourdough when I first got into Habanos, and then gradually appreciating how well balanced the other flavors are and how nicely medium bodied they are, and now that blind cigar was absolute perfection for me. It think it must have been at least 5 years old. I will definitely be ordering a few more boxes (hopefully light wrappers) and putting them into deep storage.
  7. This, was an excellent cigar. The wrapper aroma was sweet grass and barnyard. Draw was perfect. Stepping out back to light up, I promptly dropped it on the concrete and cracked the wrapper near the head. Ugh. Still burned fine, aside from a minor touch up halfway, no tunneling or wonk. Perfectly medium bodied. Rich tobacco, smooth, mellow, never a harsh edge. Lots of rawhide/suede. Some baking spices. I rarely get cream in a cigar, but I think there was some here. The finish was a mouth coating, toffee milk-coffee thing, incredibly good, twangy, found myself salivating and savoring it after every puff. I found very little progression or change, it was pretty much the same the whole way, and I have no complaints about it. It did finally get a little bitter in the last third, as the cracked wrapper began unraveling, so I put it down rather than start to lose all the great flavors. I am having a hard time with my guess. I somehow own a lot of Robustos but don't actually smoke many. I have roughly narrowed it down to two in my mind, one of which I have smoked about 5-10 and like well, the other I have only smoked a couple and never really craved more. If it turns out to be the latter, I have a new cigar to start collecting 😅
  8. I was just in Cabo a few weeks ago and apparently I did it all wrong! Apologies in advance for threadjacking, but I took a bunch of cigars with me in my suitcase. Is that a no-no in Mexico? I seemed to remember some stories of customs charging outrageous tariffs, but didn’t have time to look it up so risked it. Everything was fine going there and back.
  9. The wrapper on #3, though dull and rough, had a sweet pre-light aroma that really got me excited as it was my first cigar in several days. As soon as I clipped it I knew I was in trouble though, the draw was far too loose. Sure enough, the bugger started tunneling out of control halfway into the first third. Before it went south, I did get some woody, floral, almost fruity notes, medium bodied. Very sharp retro. But after repeated touch ups to keep it lit, it all turned to wet ashtray, and I pitched it halfway through. Shame Habanos, shame. I only have much experience with one brand of Belicoso, so this one is a crap shoot anyway.
  10. #2 was decent for me. Nice wrapper with some sheen. Draw was tighter than I prefer. Needed a couple relights. First third was just a lot of mongrel. Tannic. Biting retro. On the finish I got some mild cocoa which was pleasant. Second third mellowed out a bit, some rye toast, and nice baking chocolate. A little twang with a hint of sweetness. No significant changes into the last third before I put it out. Pretty strong at the end.
  11. Wow, well I was way off. I love BPC, but I never would have picked it for this cigar. @El Presidente Do we know how old it was? I have some 2014 BPC that are still a ton stronger than this one was. I suppose if this cigar was 10 years old, that might make me feel a little better lol.
  12. I stopped using refrigeration years ago because it was just too inconsistent for my taste. Since then I store at room temp, which will occasionally touch mid-high 70's in the summer, and I can't tell any difference at all. If anything, my RH levels are rock solid now, which I think makes them smoke better.
  13. When I think meaty, I think one thing: BBF, and BRC. Ok, that's two things.
  14. I smoked #1 yesterday, and thought it was quite good, a variety of flavors and all well balanced, smooth to the end, if not quite "classy". Never more than medium bodied. Pre-light and cold draw was totally anonymous, generic cedar. The burn was a bit wonky at times, required some touch ups, nothing out of the ordinary. In the first third I tasted just about every marca I could think of at one point or another 😆, and was really thinking I haven't the slightest clue what it could be. But things settled in after that, and overall I got light coffee, raw leather/suede, some tannic oak, some sour dry grass. Occasional blasts of nuttiness that really had me thinking this could be a certain recently-discontinued petit corona (though I understand this is limited to current production). Then I recalled trading some cigars with a member here years ago, and some comments he made about a particular petit corona that I had sent him, and it clicked. By the end, I was pretty sure that's what this is. If I am right, I will have to send that member some cigars! Of course I am probably completely wrong. But I thoroughly enjoy this nonetheless. Thanks Rob and FOH.
  15. I'm in, really looking forward to this, despite my abysmal prior performances 😂
  16. Exquisito and coffee on a Saturday morning 😊 Loving the Dupont, thanks @ZigZauer
  17. ASR JUN 18. This box is officially singing. One of the best tasting and well behaved habanos I’ve had in ages. If there is any cigar that makes me want to stack cabs upon cabs, it is BBF.
  18. Chris Ward makes a few nice quartz models. I had a couple of their automatics and quite liked them for the money. Tag Heuer also
  19. Hard to argue with the Tudor recommendations. Ever looked at Sinn? German manufacturer, has always been on my radar but I've never pulled the trigger. They have some very nice blue dials, should come in under $3k. is the only place to get them as far as I know. Often sold out, but restock pretty regularly.
  20. My beloved weekend morning Reyes. APU DIC 14. Sad to be nearing the end of this box.
  21. Montecarlo LGR JUL 17 and coffee on a Friday morning. Gotta love working from home. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend FOH.
  22. A lovely little party short OPG OCT 14, from the PCC aged program, on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. It's been a while, friends. Good to be back 😊

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