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  1. Wow, good catch. Sorry, but it HAS to be original formula Coca-Cola. The difference is HUGE. THE RESULTS ARE SKEWED. ? But, seriously. ?
  2. Parti PCE from another stellar box. I forget the factory code but I know it's FEB 18. Rich, nutty, with a long sourdough finish.
  3. Welcome! The more you try to avoid the 24:24, the sooner you're sitting there waiting for it to post. There is no cure. Welcome to your demise.
  4. Yay! This is awesome. ? Haha. I'm so sick of this stupid generic question and I like that Sr. Bichot basically throws it into the wind in one breath. I don't think he meant nothing is written down. I think he just meant that the actual selection of the tobaccos to meet the criteria of a blend requires hands on knowledge and practice beyond the basic recipe (what is written down). But I don't know. Surely somewhere there are notes for each blend. That was an excellent read, thanks @rabidraccoon!
  5. I have to admit an egg that size scares me a little bit. That's a whole lot of egg sloshing around in there. A whole lot. But I'm down to try anything. I think. ?
  6. Yup. One 60g Boveda per 2-3 boxes in a 6-mil poly bag, sealed.
  7. I do for boxes I'm aging. It keeps the boxes stable and negates any worry about fluctuation in the main compartment. As long as the main compartment is between 55% and 65% over the year the Bovedas will last practically forever. They are just buffers. No more worry about the humidor breaking down while away. I do the same thing with my WeatherTights: two or three boxes per poly bag with a 60g Boveda and a single 320g Boveda in the bulk compartment.
  8. Enjoying this ASU MAY 18 Monte 4 as @JohnS posted his above. Different factory. Same hue. Same delicious. A good month for Monte 4s, then.
  9. Just blow a smoke ring in their direction and watch them run to their safe spaces with arms flailing. Tobacco smoke is millennial SJW repellent. You're a terrorist.
  10. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/3-suspect-cigar-forum/
  11. That made me laugh. Uhh, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks lol. If you like your cigars with coffee then that's all that matters. I'm a Coca-Cola with my cigars type through and through. Can only, poured high over cubed ice so that just the right amount of carbonation is released. I like strong cigars and Coke perfectly compliments, for me. I only sip to keep my pallet fresh. It's the only time I drink anything else besides water and morning coffee. Cigars with: Coffee bleh, Beer bleh, Juice bleh. I don't drink liquor. Coke (or water) it is. ? ?
  12. Don't forget the best deals are on clearance days (Mondays, and also Fridays, Brisbane time) and the carts make it very easy. ? Whatever you go with, have a great summer.

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