Happy Birthday ? Mus

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Hey Mate didn't think you would get away with it did you 

Happy Birthday mate hope you have a very special day still can't belive your only 31 thanks for your friendship and generosity the Perth crew and F.O.H would be definitely a lot poorer with out your presence 

even though your a bit of a superstar nowadays ?

Cheers mate 

عيد مولد سعيد
eyd mawlid saeid

hope I got it right ;)

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      * Being way on the other side of the world I don't know if Mus's B'day is on Valentine's Day or the day after, which it is here! IF it's today, the 15th that must mean Mus arranged to arrive afterwards because he would be smushed to death under all the 6,000+ kisses from all us Forum members! (LOL)!  Very happy B'day to you, Mate! :buddies:  :party: 

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Happy birthday Mus! I hope you enjoy one of your favourite Bolivar cigars (or similar) on your birthday. If you happen to be having a Cohiba on your special day, which we know is not your personal favourite marca, feel free to send it on my way. I'd be happy to smoke it in your honour mate! :lol:

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