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  1. If i had 100k, id probably be buying 60% of the regular stuff and 40% ELs/REs.
  2. How often do you guys use circle hooks as per the title? And if you do, how do you actually reel the fish in? Am asking as i usually use J hooks and would like to know the hook up rates (i often fish for barramundis/Mangrove Jacks/Snappers) and how to reel it in when you detect a bite. Here are my recent catches during the weekend. Thanks!
  3. I was wondering what would happen if you tell the seller on the spot that the stuff he’s pedalling is fake.
  4. The following days after my appendix surgery few years ago, my abdomen was still quite painful so i got a little worried and asked my friend (who was a surgeon and a cigar smoker). He said “calm tf down and have a damn cigar.” So i did and everything was well.
  5. Thing is, if one were to succumb to an ailment, would we still be able to enjoy the finer drams and rare cigars eventhough we are able to get our hands on them? I woukd imagine our tastebuds shot as drugs are pumped into our bodies via the oral and IV route..
  6. Not sure what id do but my loved ones would probably liquidate it and they can do whatever they want with the proceeds. If i do get reincarnated, i hope im able to afford this hobby again. On a sidenote, im also wondering what “Alex Wong” (one of the biggest vintage cigar collectors in the world) would do with his massive collection of cigars.
  7. Its just a cardboard box, just like all cardboard boxes, they get recycled.
  8. On New Year’s, also my birthday last night, i had a Sancho Panza Corona from 2013 (if i remembered correctly) which was purchased from FOH and it was fantastic. Excellent draw & lots of coffee-cream on the retrohale and a tinge of spiciness on the palate. Paired it with some Grants 8yo whisky which brought out some truly magnificent flavours. Sorry i didnt take a photo as i was enjoying it so much.
  9. Id tell that/any person right in their face that they’ve got a fake.
  10. Hard to describe. If you do come to Kuala Lumpur, ill bring you to try some.
  11. We grow the best durians in the world and its a love it or hate it thing. For first timers, the smell is worse than the taste but you should try it at least once. My personal favourites are Musang King, D24 and D2.

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