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  1. *Yeah, lots 'a luck on that one. Cigar industry & aficionados have BEEN trying to get the regulatory officials to make distinction about cigars and the fact that the larger part of nicotine levels are aged out of cigar tobacco. IF they actually do make that distinction and leave our beloved hand made cigars alone that will point to the fact that the Rapture is indeed coming.
  2. *If they would have the wits and wherewithall to taper the head, pyramide-style - it could be somewhat do-able.
  3. *Ditto. Por Larranaga is a totally enjoyable sweet and cool Habana smoke. And I WISH HSA would offer - in regular production - thicker bodied Por Larry. I've had any number of the Regional releases of them that were nearly double toro thick but had no substance, body, or flavor at all...and these were Mitchell Orchant's stash of them!
  4. **The fairly new (I suppose) releases of Atabay and Byron smokes since it appeared a few of our forum members here gave them good form as far as flavor and taste. I tried both (at the ridiculous price of nearly $30 each! ) Put your two empty fingers together: put them to your lips: purse your mouth and suck in the plain air. I got more flavor and taste out of doing THAT than smoking these two over-priced Gurkha-type hyping of these totally unenjoyable less than Plain Janes that left me
  5. *Just smear yourself with AVON Skin-So-Soft bath oil. It just has properties in it to where NO bugs will bite you - be it Bedbugs, Skeeters, other blood suckers - NUTHIN'. And it works so flawlessly well that we all out here know instinctively not to broadcast it too much. Corporate organizations will jump it; cheapen it; spread it in a more weakened state...and then charge Boo-Coo more to provide the original strength solution to us again. Reminds me of General Cigar *
  6. *Oh - in reality, folks I don't think those cigars' feelings will be hurt.
  7. *1) Bolivar Belicoso *2) Ramon Allones Specially Selected *3) Montecarlo Petite Corona *4) Cohiba Siglo VI
  8. *The fourth one from the left has just about met that criteria
  9. **What the hell did he take it out of the carrying case for???
  10. *Wasn't able to find the "translate page" section above in the address bar
  11. *Well gee - wonder why he won an Oscar for this role??
  12. *When I watch this scene (and I know me...) the way that I approached it is feeling like Michael should have pointed out to Fredo, when he said I'm smart and I want respect! Michael should have told him: "Fredo - you couldn't even remember the lie you told that you'd never met Johnny Ola. Then you're talking about how Johnny Ola told me about this place...Fredo - you can't make mistakes like this with the people we're dealing with. If the Family was in your control we would cease to be in less than a week..." or something to that effect. You know - in order to try to reason with a really stupid person before the inevitable resort. Also the highly satisfactory scene of Vito Corleone killing Don Fanucci and the sudden simultaneous street celebration going on right afterward, and Vito became the new but beloved Godfather of the neighborhood!
  13. *I feel too that this will be very tasty once tried.
  14. *I would suggest too the Ashton ESG - VERY nice smoke; the Casdaglia Daughters of the Dust - frighteningly close to a Habana smoke: also (believe it or not) the regular Honduran Punch RARE COROJO - also frighteningly close to a Cuban smoke; and Zino Platinums, which if you don't mind donating a kidney can be a very pleasant experience. I would recommend getting these out of Mike's Cigar Company catalog sampler specials. They sometimes add this smoke to their sampler section for a very reasonable bargain price.

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