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  1. Thanks to Peter and Agnes, Sam and Connie for making the journey out from the big city to join Dana and I for a boat ride and a little lunch. It was a perfect day (for MN people-bloody cold if you were an Ozzie) 70 f and a slight breeze. Our guests were very generous bringing great cigars, wine and gifts. Thanks guys, can’t wait to catch up again
  2. Delta has these Old Fashion in a can- Excellent They also occasionally have a Negroni in a can but they are not as spot on
  3. My condolences. He’ll always be with you. Still have my dad but still hear my Mom’s advice every day, it just pops in my head.
  4. A great time was had last night- Thanks everyone for the laughter Rob for the cigars-drinks- food ect. Today we meet at 11 am- I just don’t remember where (did I mention we had drinks?). Hopefully some else will chime in.
  5. Tell Foxy sorry we missed him. Looking forward to seeing you Friday
  6. We are missing all of the fun. Will there be any of your liver left by the time we get there? Is Foxy hanging around for the weekend?
  7. Bummer. Hadn’t made it out to see him yet. We will be looking forward to the grand reopening.
  8. Would love to join you Lisa but we’ll be in Key Largo. Thanks for the invite, hopefully we’ll catch you next time. We love Chicago and it’s not to far from home.
  9. Can’t wait to visit. Where is it from the old location Cory?
  10. Luca, Happy Birthday bud. Looks like a lot of fun.
  11. Wish you were coming. We’ll have to plan something soon!
  12. I got mine. Dana says I look good but I’m sure not as good as you Pete. Rob- I’ll be wearing mine in Miami.
  13. Aww coming for our anniversary. Appreciate that Rob. Dana and I will more than likely fly down to join you. Thanks for the invite
  14. Dana and I are devastated. Mike was our friend, travel companion and my cigar mentor. He taught me so much and alway made sure to introduce me to everyone and to make sure we were included as Mike was tight with Almost every one in the cigar world. We met him in 2014 on the Cuba trip and bonded immediately. Later when we met Kelly it was like we had been friends forever..We just clicked. Since then there we many more Cuba trips with the 4 of us, Italy, fishing with Corylax18 in Cuba. So many great times. Whenever I open Photos on my IPad my favorite picture of Mike pops up first. I didn’t plan that but I’m glad it does and now will be even more special. RIP BROTHER.
  15. Happy for Alex-Happy that we can buzz out to LA and visit him. Bummed that we won’t see him at the Comodoro.

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