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  1. Been a minute since I posted Family euro jaunt Back in Ireland at present Staying outside Clones where we were married 10 years ago Kids in bed Wonderful times
  2. Of course. Let’s talk about the cases where packaging is actually involved in the purchase.
  3. It does. Read the question out loud. Then my answer. I said "massively" not totally or completely. You like cars? Architecture? Design? Art? Packaging is all those things. Pure blend of art and science. Packaging, outside prior experience, knowledge or trusted recommendation is the largest influencer.
  4. Funny you should post this thread. I went up to Orpheus Island last week for the 10 year wedding anniversary and took an outstanding quiver with me. Went with a PL Robusto 2007, a QdO Superiores from 2011 , my last HU Robusto from the 2007 Travel Humidor (my all time fave), a La Escepcion Selectos Finos and a Cohiba GR Cosecha 2003. All of them were outstanding. But the QdO I had on Saturday was the best.
  5. Clearly. Penny dropped. I didn’t even look at the program until just now. Great weather for it. enjoy
  6. With the wife being Irish we are rather anti-monarchist in our family. But with two young daughters the whole princess fest is difficult to keep on the low down. More notice and I would have definitely driven up for the champers class.
  7. Fun. Cigar: H. Upmann Robusto from the 2007 Travel Humidor. Wine: 1996 Pol Roger Cuvee SWC Magnum Spirit: Powers John's Lane 12yr old Beer Chaser: Birra Morretti alla Siciliana Meal: Enda McEvoy's degustation at Loam Restaurant Dessert: 2007 SLR Churchill
  8. Gonna add to this for today... A heavily pregnant Irish women gets into a car accident and goes into a coma. After nearly six months, she wakes up to find that she is no longer pregnant. Frantically, she asks the doctor about her baby. The doctor replies, “well lass, you had twins! A boy and a girl. The babies are fine. Your brother came in and named them, they are safe and with your family.” The woman says "Oh no, not my brother! He’s an eeejit" Expecting the worst, she reluctantly asks the doctor, "Well, what's the girl's name?" "Denise," the doctor says. The new mother thinks, "Wow, that's not such a bad name! I like Denise!" Then she asks the doctor, "What's the boy's name?" The doctor replies, "DeNephew." Have a great day!
  9. Bone in rib eye, mostly Black Angus. Cooked on Tosa Binchotan charcoal. Brushed with olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, mint, rosemary, chilli, garlic, lemon juice and finished with lemon zest. Rare. But prefer blue if it is just for me and not sharing with the wife and kids.
  10. Gonna chime in here, only because I know of two foolproof hangover cures. Both are a little difficult to acquire for every hangover, but I have experienced them and honestly vouch for them. First one is, get yourself a doctor or paramedic friend. Mine at the time was training for the ambulance service. Get out the IV saline and within 10 minutes you will be fine. It is truly amazing. Second one is, go scuba diving. Working at a facility, that I cannot mention, we use to go down for 20 minutes with a high oxygen mix and come up feeling better than before you went out the night before.

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