Never Ending Story Comp: May

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Continue on this story until May 31.

Each additional ditty to continue on from the previous. No more than three ditty's per member. Each goes into the draw for a box of cigars chosen by myself party.gif

Let's start with this.......and yes.....poor rhyming is mandatory. Good rhyming preferred lol3.gif

The story can go anywhere....but keep it clean "ish" wink.png


While not one to come to rage, another large ring gauge will leave me less sage.

From Beijing to Beirut, while the honchos torch another $100 cigar with their loot, I am left checking the couch for change….. while smoking a cheroot.

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Now, when your date has lost the urge, it's time to hit the card, and splurge. If what to purchase isn't clear, then panic not, for help is here. Attend the tale of Rob and Ken, two slightly sozz

Woohoo! Thanks Rob and the crew!

This thread was great. We will kick off another for June but its now time to announce a winner for May.... PS. Adam's back! Congratulations Typical Situation! Flick me a pm and will get Rob

The smoke detector inspector was a conscientious objector.

Just like those with money to burn who never learn.

I only yearn for some Cuban leaf to burn.

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smoke detector's busted so I light up a carlota

wish that there were more, so I think I really oughta

send HSA a line, but i know it falls on deaf ears

if they brought 'em back only playing on our fears

as ELs or REs neither really going to cut it

a regular carlota is something to behold

deliver intensity of flavor - oh so bold

what were they thinking i guess they weren't

flavorful or not, all our money gets burnt

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When buying boxes of Habanos on 24/24, so many good deals make me buy more & more. Quality means little to me, whether it's HQ, PSP or even PE. So long as the sticks all tend to burn well, I usually say what the hell. Now my wife finally threatened to show me the friggin' door!

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to burn or not to burn, that is the question.

i must be crazy for such a suggestion

always light up, whenever the chance

or strip down butt naked and get ready to dance

is that clean "ish" or does it need kleenex

someone take over because I'm still hungover

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Apres root, a cheroot can be tasty,

For the sake of your mate don't be hasty,

In your moves be sublime

In the groove take your time

Or you'll be lonesome instead of on dates, see?

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But when those glorious cigars arrive,

From so very far away, oh dear!

I stress out about that thirty day rule.

It's carved in stone, it's written down so very clear.

Should I wait those 30 days, or be a fool?

At those beautiful cigars, I can only look and drool.

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Ayepatz is obviously channelling wee Robbie B.

He needs a cigar to feel it you see.

Depends on the marca, vitola and year

And whether he's been on the Scotch or the beer.

Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk

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I likes 'em cheap & cheerful,

I likes 'em big & strong.

I likes 'em on the weekend

I likes 'em all day long.

I's happy when I light up

I's sad when there's no more,

But I's can always count on

Another 24


Robbie puts 'em up there,

Diana sorts 'em out

The rest of the team they do their thang

And cigars get sent about

(the world)

Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk

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And when they arrive, I open the box

There is that smell that knocks off my socks

Then as I touch it to flame

There's that flavor that screams my name

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each puff will reveal
creamy smoke of wood and fruit
now a memory

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from the past. too bad this will not last

but I picked a skinny instead of a Sir Winnie

Now I must chose which is next, a double or a mini

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But I fear not because I know what's on the way, The FDA will say no way, no way.

We will not listen to them, not in the least, cause we are sure Kenny has been talking to his priest.

The prayer was sent with the utmost respect, and now we can light up without any fret.

Cohibas galore, will never bore, the likes of us, The cigar *****.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Rob and Di are from down Brisbane way

Their cigars there are more than OK

When I email Di and I get a reply

It does more than just make my day

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Contact Di quick, compliment her shoes,

Bad luck Europeans, you snooze, you lose.

Wait for that email, you'll be shittin' bricks

Post on the forum, but no US politics nyah.gif

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A house of cards ready to fall.

Governments spend and tax while consumers rack up debt at the mall.

That lovely debt, a tax on the young and unborn

Yet, we constantly ponder why they are so forlorn.

A world economy in shambles they will inherit.

Prayers and hopes that they will at least be able to buy a carrot.

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