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  1. Yes! The Medaille D'Or #4 is wonderfully floral.
  2. I got entire box of plugged Cohiba Siglo III's in 2015, and it was before I found the Perfect Draw so most of them were trashed.
  3. Potato chips are thin and crisp. What you are talking about should legitimately be called pommes frites.
  4. I hope you're talking about potato chips, not those things the Brits eat with fish, those are fries...
  5. Just saw this. I'm in Nyack and would be interested in future North Jersey herfs. I'll watch this thread.
  6. This is getting ridiculous!
  7. Had a really nice time with this. Very informative. Thanks Rob!
  8. I want to see my beloved Yankees crush Los Angeles in the World Serious.
  9. This looks devastating. It's heartbreaking.
  10. I don't think so. If he had been sued by Garafalo he would have had to take those videos down, and he hasn't. I think it was health related. I miss his show. I really liked his videos.
  11. Cohiba Siglo IV - SEA OCT 15 - Total time: 1 hr 20 min (01:20:00) - With Ice Water Spicy one, this one! Loved it! (does that count as a review?) It got dark while I smoked it watching a variety of interesting YouTube videos on my back deck. And yes, my nubber is a Perfect Draw...
  12. In 1994 I went to Jamaica. I bought a box of Monte 4's from a taxi driver out of the trunk of his cab at the airport. They were fantastic! During that same trip I bought a CoRo from a cigar shop near the hotel. It was crap. Is there a lesson here? You tell me...
  13. Look, let's just keep it simple, OK?? The answer to your question is yes.
  14. I like a LGC Medaille D'Or #4, or a Monte 4, or an Upmann Petit Corona, or a Party Short, or a PLPC, or a Cohiba Siglo 4....just about any cigar will work. Experiment. Find yur favorite.
  15. This cigar was delicious. Not a lot of smoke output in the first half, but what there was was really good. Light-medium body, nice balance of salt and sweet tobacco flavor, a but of twang, reminded me of a lovely bag of salted peanuts. I've got a guess as to what it was, but it's probably wrong.
  16. Ignore. And remember, she's aged 30 years since you last saw her. 'Nuff said...
  17. 1. La Gloria Cubana 2. LGC MdO#4 3. Cohiba Lancero

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