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  1. Cuban cigars...back of the box says they Jamaican and
  2. My elementary school showed us The Sound of Music every damn time we couldn't go out for recess. They put our school song to Edelweiss. It was so traumatic that I had to fast forward through the opening credits of The Man in the High Castle. I mean it's only been 38 years... you'd think the MKUltra style conditioning would have faded by now.
  3. This thread makes me glad my cigars only taste good or bad.
  4. Lose the foam humidifiers. Grab some boveda packs, toss them in, wait two weeks, and you should be RTG.
  5. Total guess. Seems most folks voted like I did, so maybe it's correct....
  6. Machu picchu, for sure. Cairo - Pyramids Stone henge Antarctica (I've never see real snow, lol) Oak Island (gotta see what all the treasure stuff is about in person)
  7. The 30 is even better, but the price tag is ouchy.
  8. I blame his mother, as he obviously still lives at home. Bet she was his witness!!!
  9. Don't know if it has been mentioned, but seeing Deadwood called out made me think of Justified with Timothy Olyphant.
  10. you gotta know going into it that it's going to feel like an 80's flashback. It's not a magnum opus...
  11. Sadly, as soon as 60 hits, someone is going to look to 70 or 80 or 120.... Pretty soon a cigar will be a puck. I know we've had threads on this trend, and why, but I sure wish the manufacturers would focus on the people that appreciate how a cigar tastes.
  12. Fake cigars should be presented with fake glass (plastic) it's the only logical
  13. Based on a recommendation from Ken, years ago on here, I thoroughly enjoyed Rake.

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