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  1. Perlas for me. Love the smaller format and intensity of flavors this short smoke delivers.
  2. Thought my ears were ringing... oh wait that is only the chronic tinnitus ?
  3. LCDH Cancun is getting $100 a stick for the Conde 54 as of two weeks ago!
  4. Not unless they restocked. Got the last two they had back in April.
  5. Ooh, please be on the shelves in Cancun when we get there mid month... please, please please!
  6. Welcome to FOH Josh. Where in Colorado? We have a fairly active bunch on the Front Range.
  7. Over the past several years I have been moving MC 4s (my go to) out of their dress boxes into empty PLPC cabs. I have been astounded at the difference in depth of flavors that occur after two years in a cab compared to same box code dress boxes.
  8. Bottom fake, poor embossing on the Cohiba imprint, the hib are jambed together. hell I don't know!
  9. The Cuban Cigar Web Site has an online collection tool that can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet.
  10. Yes you're is a contraction of "you are". In the context of his statement the use of the contraction is not correct and "your grill" is correct in the sense of "relating to or belonging to you".

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