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  1. Grayliff cigars had a wonderfull history behind It. It all started when Avelino Lara Once Fidel Castro’s personal roller, Lara was famous for his creations at the El Laguito Factory outside of Havana, where he crafted some of of the most famous Cuban cigars, including the Cohiba brand. When he later went into retierment,he left Cuba to go to Nassau, Bermuda where he went to work for Enrico Garzaroli and his Graycliff cigars and gave the cigar their world reputation.
  2. Dear Ken, The quote that I've found the best of ALL times Is the one that I heard In an old flim with Gary Grant and, the other girl person,I don't remember , is " I'd like to kiss you now but I just washed my hair" Which I find Is the best quote that I've ever heard In my life. Guy
  3. Just thought I'd give a shout out. Have a great day and a great cigar bro.. And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both. Guy
  4. CONGRATULATION Chris & Chantelle on the brith of little Charles. We wish you three all the happiness in the world. You desere it........Bro !!!!! Tis news like this that makes me come out of my silence. Amicalement, GUY & MONIQUE & KIDS
  5. Chris, Good to hear from you. I did not know about Chantelle expecting a baby ,please keep us informed on the progress and when he or she is born. congratulations to both of you happy parents. love from the both of us here, Amicalement, Guy et Monique and the Dog Baloo,who is a chow chow.
  6. Hi all, Just a few words to all of you to say that i'll be going off the forum and leaving it to the Young guys here. I'm now 68 years old and i feel that i have given the forum all that i can ( that is cigar Wise,i mean ). I want to thank you for all that you have done for me when i was ill after my cerabral attack but also all who have visited me in my small town of Calvisson in France. I want to thank Tom & Carrie, Ross, also Elie & his wife and also Chris & Chantelle,and,of course , Andy Ryan but also Jim in Washington and everyone else if i forgot you. I just want you to know how much you all mean to me because YOU ARE MY FAMILY and I want to thank you for that. I also want to thank Rob & Di, Ken,Smity, Warren and all for what they have all done all these years. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERTHING !!!!!!!! You have all been fantastic. Thank you & cio hermanos. Très amicalement, Guy
  7. Welcome to FOH bro. Enjoy yourself with a cigar. Guy
  8. Welcome to FOH bro. Enjoy the stay. Guy
  9. Welcome to F.O.H.bro..You'll see that things will be better, the next time you come back from Cuba. Guy
  10. Dear mate, Welcome to F.O.H. bro. I know tht you'll enjoy yourself. Guy
  11. I like this cigar very much. It has good flavors. Guy

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