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  1. I picked up this anomaly at Tabac George V in Paris: Can't find any information on a Quai d'Orsay Imperiales Tubo ever being released.
  2. CBL

    Recommended TV series

    Agreed! Episode 3 airs tonight! Very excited about this show, it's a dark slow-paced comedy like Wilfred, Legit or Louie. I've also heard good things about 'Man Seeking Woman' I haven't seen it yet, but it's supposed to be very absurdist humor.
  3. Partagas with a landslide victory. 898 (10), full line of SdC, D4, 2010 EL, culebras. Bolivar a far second.
  4. Started new "specialized" accounts two weeks ago. Mostly to give myself some projects to work on my photography. Cooking: @cbcooks Cigars: @cbcigars
  5. Source I'm excited about this, Conan's remotes are notoriously funny and it'll be interesting to see how he presents Cuba to the late-night audience. I wonder if he'll bring the cigar-smoking puppet Triumph, the insult comic dog.
  6. Bali and Malaysia are fun, but they're no Taiwan. I've never heard of anyone not falling in love with Taiwan after their first visit. Plus it's still somewhat unspoiled by rowdy tourists, unlike Bali. Also Taiwan has a very diverse landscape. Night market street food in Taiwan is second to non if you're an adventurous eater. Btw. Taiwan has been named the second safest country in the world, with only Japan being safer.
  7. Here's hoping for a Germany - Netherlands final and Brazil - Argentina third place match. Old rooted rivalries are always more exciting!
  8. Did you see his post-game interview? He said: "things like that happen in football, but it was nothing" The Ivory Coast - Greece game was ridiculous! I still don't know what exactly happened in the end, but what a climax.
  9. What a game! Not as good as Germany - Ghana, but a hell of a game! Group G is shaping up to be the most exciting group. Tomorrow The Netherlands play Chile for the first place in Group B and for the right to not have to play Brazil! Finally we'll be able to watch them play in orange!
  10. I would've never thought the Honduras Ecuador game would be the most exciting game today! Even with France crushing Switzerland, which had a great second half. Well worth staying up till 2am for.
  11. My heart is still pounding from the Socceroos vs Oranje! Glad they won, but the Aussies put up one hell of a fight!
  12. Two minutes after my post, 1 - 5 for The Netherlands
  13. I'm so exited right now, I can't handle it. 12 more minutes to go, this is really unbelievable. The Dutch team is SO hungry, they really wanted this and needed it and my Tumblr is blowing up because I'm live gif-ing the events.
  14. Isn't this just a roundabout way of talking about/calling out US political preferences?
  15. I use a DSLR (Canon 600D/Rebel T3i) for my photography and filming, but recently added a Canon S110 for video which is absolutely perfect, especially considering the price. It's tiny and incredibly fast and shoots great handheld and in low light situations. I shot some footage during the 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam and edited to share with my friends, the video covers a wide variety of situations (link) I'd suggest getting the S110 (or S120, which is a little more expensive but also slightly better) and maybe a good DSLR on the side. My experience is that most people will watch home-movies once every couple of years on special occasions, but good pictures can be viewed at anytime. If you get a DSLR, get a fast F/1.8 prime lens (50mm is ideal and dirt cheap for Canon, 85mm is great for portraits) when your kid starts running around, a fast lens will be able to capture all that in low light plus you can use those lenses to film on a tripod (no image stabilization, so filming handheld will look shaky). I'm not a fan of camcorders as the format a lot of them save videos as is hard to edit. They need to be deinterlaced and converted before I can upload them into editing software. The image quality is great, but the extra work causes the files to sit on my computer, unedited and therefore unwatched.

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