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Found 17 results

  1. Just came across this yesterday. File this under "Close. But no cigar". Let's have some fun. Can you guys spot the differences?
  2. Hello guys i bought these but something smells fishy can you tell if fake by the photo? Since i dont have any experience about cigars yhanks
  3. Last weekend I came across a deal too good to pass on OR perhaps too good to be true. Well see. Exactly what the deal was and where I’ll reveal eventually. So I got this box of 24 out of 25 Cohiba Espléndidos. stamped EOG CCUA (the U is barely visible) I did some research; EOG : Miguel Fernández Roig - La Coruna factory CCUA : 04/99 - April 1999 The cigar bands are of the type used until 2003. The latch/lock has a “Schmale Germany” imprint. Schmale has an exclusive contract with Cuba (since 1911 they say) to manufacture the latches. The bottom of the box has an extra stamp “VENDIDO EN CUBA POR CUBANACAN Habanos s.a”. (I found a similar mention of the odd cubanacan stamp on a German forum). It’s my guess the stamp mentiones Cubanacan, since a bunch of Cubanacan hotels these days host a LCDH (la Casa del Habano) store these days. In what year did the LCDH stores come into play? The yellow in the Cohiba bands and lid sticker look more like the original Cohiba orange/yellow than the plain yellow often seen in fakes. The pictures where I used flash seem to serve the color better. The cedar sheet has a straight upper right cut. The second sheet has no imprint and no cut upper right. I turned the cigars in the picture below for viewing/identification. Up front they look much more aligned. The ‘turned’ band picture doesn’t serve them well. The Cuban government and Habanos seals came separate/unused. Was the red print on the government seal in use early 99 ? Also I think I spot a newer/extra palm on the right part of the seal. Your opinions please ! (at least this doesn’t have a glass top ? Anyways, it’s my precious ?
  4. Hi guys - I just bought a box of "Cohiba Piramides". Not "Cohiba Piramides Extra", and not "Cohiba Piramides Limited Edition". Just "Cohiba Piramides". They come in tubes, its a box of 15 tubos. The quality is impressive - the bands are on point and look legit, with holograms and everything. I'm only suspicious because of the following: relatively low price the lack of "Cohiba Piramides" online the fact that the head on the band is missing the white line/border around it. The fact that the hologram only says "cohiba" and not "cuba" The fact that the head hologram does not have fine lines in it. Could this all just be because its a special or old version? A production mistake due to which im getting them cheaper through an insider? wishful thinking? Thoughts? Thanks
  5. Just did some inventory on one of my cooladors this morning and a box of La Escepcion Selectos Finos RE Italia 2011. I remember buying them back in ‘13 or ‘14 from an online retailer that I would classify as reputable source (not here to point fingers at a dealer or cause drama so not gonna mention any names. Not sure it’s allowed on this forum either). Had been out of the loop for some years at that point and didn’t now about verifying option excising on Habanos webpage. So i just put them away for long term storing after receiving them. Anyway as seen on the pictures attached it seems to me that only half of the verification numbers are present (encicled on one of the pictures). The part of the warranty seal containing the whole number and barcode that is on the side of the box is ripped of by the vendor or at least before I got the box. As far as I know many dealers did this at some point in time to hide their source. I’ve zoomed in on the usual places where serial numbers should normally be present as per cubancigarwebsite but I just cannot find the first half of the serial number. So my question is: should I assume that the box is fake? Cigars looks good and smells fine to me but then again I’ve never tried this cigar before or seen any other than from the box I have. Never smoked one either. Have I overlooked something on the warranty seal or does it look fine?
  6. Long time lurker. First time poster. I'm registering as I'd love some brothers to take a look at the below link. It's the first box I've ever had serious questions of authenticity on in my own stash (seen plenty of terrible ones on the golf course, of course). Purchased from an online European/Swiss outfit that has gold-clad reputation, but not a LCDH. Ignore the RyJ box in some of the shots (which is obviously legit, beyond any question). I'm talking about the Upmann LCDH box. Seen probably 25+ CC boxes in my life, and I've never seen one without the date/factory code. Stamp clearly not here on this one. Not smudged off or blurred. Never there. Hologram on the box seal also has less "pop" than is normal, but it looks like it might be scuffed up a bit, which may explain it. Serial number verifies to the correct box. Seal is microprinted with correct serial. Cigars themselves look fine (caps, bands). Maybe one cap that's off-normal and maybe one foot cut at an angle, but within the margin of error from what I've seen. Most of this I'd say is Cuba being Cuba. But I've never seen a box without even an effort on a factory/date stamp. What says the board? I make a habit of not taking a single puff of suspected fakes (who knows what's in there). I'm leaning toward fine here, but could be talked out of it. [Posted this first to another forum, but this is what finally got me to register here. I didn't see any rule against cross posting, but please let me know if I missed that]
  7. Hi guys, I'm new in here and just wondering if you can help me confirm my assumption that this box is a fake (found it in a flee market). The furnishing on the sides seem to be sticker over the wood panels (just left and right sides) and the top might be the same. On the bottom, the stamp is not burned but painted. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance.
  8. I found this picture on social media. The counterfeiters appear to have really high quality (if not authentic) Cohiba and the Edicion Limitada bands. However they overlooked the fact that Cohiba EL in 2014 was the Robustos Supremos, the Piramides format was last offered in 2006 and both came in 10 count boxes. I tried to tell the owner that these were fakes and he replied that he had purchased them at a Mexican LCDH. Which could explain what appears to be authentic bands, but opens up a whole other ugly can of worms. I have heard rumors of fakes at LCDH's but has anyone actually stumbled across any or is it just cigar forum urban legend?
  9. To all my OZ people buying and enjoying cigars , i just found couple high quality con(fakes) brands and specific models in the common market, i cut it open ,and pretty bad thus. 1) Cohiba Sigole I , good finish on the cohiba band, triple cap but pretty hard to find the third one , smoke really weird like u drinking some excreta full cream coffee but plastic feeling, wraps easily got off after 1/2 2) Cohiba Robusto 3) Hoyo De Monterry Petit Robusto 4) Monticristo Petit Edmundo All the high fake cons reminds from HK market asian pacific market , no bs regards
  10. Hi Guys, I recently bought a Behike 54 and a Behike 56 whilst on Holiday in Brisbane in January. As excited I was to buy these I had second thoughts after leaving the vendor. I was surprised that they had so many boxes of Behikes which seems quite odd considering a lot of the major/reputable shops in Australia that I know of - don't have or are having a lot of trouble sourcing due to the bad crops experienced in Cuba recently. Maybe I am just crazy and loosing my mind but I thought I'd show you some pics to see what you guys think. These Behikes both were manufactured in 2016. Points/Observations: - The Behike 54 looks like it wasn't cut 100% straight and as you can see in the pictures; it is on a bit of an angle. - The Behike 56 sports the old Cohiba Hologram (not the new "chequered" hologram) which is pretty odd noting this cigar is from 2016... (I believe the old hologram was discontinued in 2014?) - The Behike 54 has the new hologram but the words "Cohiba" and "Behike" are difficult to see. I compared this to my genuine BHK 52s (I bought a box recently) and the words look much clearer. Sorry for the huge photo dump. I hope the pictures come out ok. Any thoughts and insights is much apprecaited! Luca P.S - Please note that the picture of the foots of the cigars - The BHK 54 is on the left and the BHK 56 is on the right.
  11. I did a few searches to make sure no one else had this question, so... Take a look at these cigars. Both are Montecristo Petit Edmundos. The darker one I bought several months ago, while the lighter one I bought just recently from Rob. I know there is some natural color variation even among the same brand and even the same vitola, but that strikes me as a very wide difference. It is even more striking in person. I have complete faith that the lighter colored cigar is legitimate, but I was wondering what people thought of the darker one. Its band is textured and gives every appearance of being legitimate, and I actually bought a box of 10 of those and the warranty seal checks out on HSA's website. I still have that box and again, it looks great and has all the components it needs to have. If I didn't have another markedly different cigar to compare it to, I would have no indication that this is a fake either. The construction of my PEs from several months ago was poor, with roughly half the box plugged, and several others of middling quality. I'd say I only had one or two decent cigars out of that batch, but they all had that very dark wrapper. What do you think? Is this a common occurrence for wrappers to be that different, or did I get duped with a real box containing fake cigars?
  12. Good morning/afternoon/evening dear friends, I thought I share a feel-good story to gladden the heart of many Habanos enthusiasts on our forum. A few days ago one of my students learnt that my birthday was coming up. Well, word got out quickly and the class managed to design and write a multi-page happy birthday card, with the assistance of my brilliant teacher assistant/aide. A few students even got small gifts, they didn't have to, I was overwhelmed. I thought to myself how good the day was yesterday, when a Cuban mother of the striker in my school soccer team, which I coach during the winter season, gave me this below for my birthday... How was it? Well, like you're thinking, I had my reservations but I've read enough of Ray's (Pigfish) posts to not be too concerned by cigars that are a little dried out and besides, it could be fake. So when I lit this up after work I instantly knew in the first puff...this was for REAL!!! Ooh yeah, Cohiba grass/hay and honey all the way through. So what could be better than a gifted pre-2014 Cohiba Espléndidos that was so wonderfully flavoursome, and despite the dry and slightly cracked wrapper, this never went out nor did it disassemble in any way! The image below sums up how I enjoyed this over 105 minutes... So like our dear friend Bill often writes, be's good!
  13. Hello all, Like the title says, I was offered to take a look at some Davidoff cigars that a person is selling who shares an acquaintance with me. We have not yet talked prices, but these are the pictures I was sent. I do not have any experience with vintage Cuban Davidoffs, and am hoping those with experience can take a look at these and share your opinions on their authenticity, quality, etc. I know that a lot of advice given here is to "trust your source" and I agree with that. I have bought from our mutual acquaintance before and the cigars were legit and he seems to be a very good chap, but I want more opinions since this purchase could be very pricey and my lack of experience. If you have any questions for me, please ask away. Thank you in advance for your help!
  14. In recent trips to Cuba, I got some Cohibas from different sources. I personally bought these SIGLO II in La Casa del Habano in the Meliá Cohiba hotel, so no doubt they are original. They cost $9.50 CUCs (1 CUC = 1 dollar) After 2 months, these Robustos were bought by my sister in La Casa del Tabaco in the Hotel Riviera (beside the Meliá Cohiba), she used a credit card to buy these along with some HDM and Bolivars; so legit. They cost $13.50 each one. I asked her to buy a couple of fakes, curiosity and would be fun to have a fake Cohiba. During her tour, the guide, after visiting one of the factories, once they were on the street, offered to my sister and her friends 4 Siglo III for only $20 CUC, only $5 each one, he said, the government gives them 25 cigars a month to help in their expenses (??). My sister keep only one. They look legit to me, but @ $5 each one? Finally, walking on the Habana Vieja (old town) my sister got this fake for free: So... what do you think about the Siglo III and others? Fake or not?
  15. Hello all, I'm thinking about privately purchasing a box from a person on another cigar forum. As far as I can tell, the man is in good standing, but I am a paranoid man who absolutely hates cigar counterfeiting and does not want any of his money going towards helping that industry. The box in question is from 2007 so I know to expect the warranty seal to not have holograms or a serialized barcode, but I do know that the old warranty seal also has a unique serial number in red ink on the bottom of the seal (2 letters and 6 numbers). I also know the trick about the first letter to make sure it is in the 2007 range. Is there any way to track that serial number similarly to the current system? Also, should I be able to feel the Tabacuba seal under this warranty seal, or did that only start more recently? Thank you for your help in this matter and all the best!
  16. Found this photo album from another site. A terrible looking attempt at the new Cohiba band. Even worse is the cigar itself.
  17. I have a seller outside of the USA that I have been buying certain aged cigars from for over a year now. I have probably purchased over 10 (maybe as many as 20) boxes from them and every box has been of outstanding quality. Today I received a box of Montecristo # 2 with box code ROA JUN11 and this is the first box of suspect cigars I have received. Please give your opinion. I have taken several pictures from different angles. Keep in mind that these cigars just arrived after 2+ weeks in transit so they obviously need to settle in the humidor for a while. However, I first noticed the wrappers on some of the cigars seemed thin in some areas. The biggest issue though are at the feet. They seem to be uneven and cut poorly. Some are unable to stand up on their foot on a flat surface because of the angle they were cut. That being said, they have the familiar barnyard smell and other than the feet of the cigars, the color of the wrappers and overall appearance of the cigars are uniform. Would Montecristo release a box with uneven cuts at the foot like this? I have 2 other boxes of Monte # 2s, and they do look somewhat similar, but the foot of each cigar is cut better. I hate to think this seller that I have trusted for a long time now would send me fakes. The box was opened and checked by them before shipping so I doubt this could get by them.Please judge for yourselves and let me know your thoughts.

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