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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for Partagás P2 box codes. I've had a couple of P2s lately that were really good. They had very light wrappers (with a nice rosado tint), quite loose and even rolls with easy draws and a rich box aroma. Flavours were like rich cedarwood, coffee bean, baking spices, white pepper and a hint of a creamy Parmesan cheese type complexity... if that makes sense to anyone and doesn't sound pretentious. Can anyone who knows their boxes well recommend any particular date/codes that match this description? Sadly, my cigar merchant just dumps their cigars out into display trays and keeps no record of what's what. Again, what I'm looking for is: 1. Even give/open bunching at foot/loose roll, 2. Light wrappers, 3. Rich yet delicate complexity Unfortunately, every other P2 I've tried since just doesn't match up and seem to have a less complex caramel-base flavour, usually darker wrappers and often firmer bunching. I've had the more savoury and complex character before in some D4s too, which also had the lighter wrappers. However, light wrappers alone don't seem to guarantee it. I need help and sound advice from experts here. Someone must know of certain date/codes that match this. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hello fellow FOH’ers! I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful wife who surprised me with a NewAir CC-300H for my birthday and since I am new to FOH and have never had a humidor larger than 100 count, I have several questions that I would greatly appreciate some help answering! After plenty of hours researching and trying to figure out how to best execute setting up the CC-300H, I was hoping that I could leverage the knowledge and experience of this awesome group to best help me get started on the right foot! Before I list the questions, here are my plans for the unit so far: I have decided to season it with 3 - 320g 84RH Boveda packs for two weeks. I am planning on keeping the unit with 65RH Boveda packs, and keep it at a temperature of 65F, so a steady 65RH/65F (I know easier said than done). I wanted to separate the unit into sections based on short term, aging/long term, Cuban, and Non-Cuban. I will be adding 2 Boveda Butlers, one on the top and one in the bottom, so that I can hopefully get an accurate reading throughout (may be overkill, but I think the extra cost is worth the peace of mind). Lastly, I would love to utilize the glass door by keeping full factory boxes of cigars, this way I can look at them in their natural habitat! Is it a bad idea to keep Non-Cuban and Cuban cigars in the same humidor? Would they be best at 65RH and a temperature of 65F? Or lower? 65RH/67F? Other suggestions? I didn’t know if they should be kept separate or if one combination works best for both? Fingers crossed! I know this can be a matter of personal taste and opinion, but I thought it would be great to see what others say in regards to this topic. My main goals are to absolutely avoid mold and beetles, while maintaining a steady RH and temperature so the cigars are at their most enjoyable. When it comes to Boveda packs, for this unit, how many should I be using for proper humidity control? I know that, with it being airtight and not all solid Spanish Cedar, I may be able to get away with less, but wanted to know what others thought. Also, what would be the best placement method? All at the top or bottom or spread evenly? When storing full boxes of cigars in their factory box inside of the humidor, is there need to worry about the humidity within the boxes? I didn’t know if I needed to prop them open or put a Boveda pack inside box etc.? Love the aesthetic and uniqueness of each box, so I am hoping I can keep them stored perfectly inside the humidor. With this setup, I plan on staggering the stacking of the cigar singles as well as boxes (to provide the best airflow). My question is, would it be worth it to rotate the cigars? Singles only? Boxes? Also, other than the above, what methods do members use to ensure solid airflow throughout their units? I know the CC-300H has a built-in fan to rotate the air, but didn’t know what others experienced. What is the correct method of introducing the Cuban cigars ordered from FOH 24:24 into my humidor? I wasn't sure if I should/need to freeze them to avoid losing any stock to beetles or if it is unnecessary since the temperature would be controlled as stated above? I would love to hear opinions! Is it necessary to quarantine box orders from FOH before introducing them to the humidor? I know that with larger humidors, adding a box freshly opened from shipping can cause RH shocks to the whole system and I wanted to know if other members tend to put them in an individual storage (with the same RH as the larger humidor) to acclimate them before putting them in the final humidor? Lastly, when storing cigars (both Cuban and Non) at the above stated RH and temperature, would it be worth dry-boxing the cigars before smoking? If so, what RH should I be looking for and how long should they rest in the dry-box? If not, what are some tips for knowing when the cigars are perfect for smoking so that I am not loosing any precious flavor etc.? Bonus Question: When ordering a box of PSP/HQ (mix) is there anyway to tell exactly what you received when it comes in? I know that the video showed Rob signing the PSP, and members have said that this process no longer exists, but I didn't know if there was any identifier. I am relatively new to the hobby, so the small (although significant) differences between PSP and HQ will most likely be imperceptible to my untrained eye/nose but thought it would be nice to know either way. Thank you all of you who have spent the time to read my post, I look forward to becoming more involved in FOH and thought this may help other cigar lovers as well who are trying to set up their humidors! I am trying to follow the proper protocol so I can have as smooth of a first attempt at setting this up, as well as the best first experience with my new Cubans as possible! Again, thank you in advance for all that respond to this post, any advice is much appreciated! I am extremely excited for my first boxes to arrive and join the FOH club officially!
  3. I purchased a box of Don Alejandro about 6 months ago and I've been letting them rest. I began smoking them and 4 out of the 5 that I've smoked seem to be rolled very tight and were difficult to draw to say the least. Its a shame because they are such beautiful cigars and the flavor was there in spades but the draw was tight enough that it cheated the experience. I understand that cigars are a handmade product and I certainly hope that I've just picked the tight ones in the box and the rest are fine. Does anyone know if this is a common issue for the Don Alejandro? I know they were discontinued... Also, do you have any advice as to fix the issue ? I tried massaging the cigars several times and rolling them between my fingers to no avail. Thanks all!
  4. Good morning / afternoon / evening everybody! I've browsed around the forum and used the search feature but still needed to start up this forum! Hopefully, that's okay? Based on all the feedback and suggestions I gathered, I setup a tupperdor that sits very nicely at 62% RH. It's relatively stable but have noticed a few times as of late where it has dropped to 60/61% (maybe due to weather and heat being low during the day when I'm not home) and has gone as high as 64% at least once based on the hygrometer. Don't mind the low reading in the picture. That only happens when I open the box to add or re-sort. Thanks the our wonderful 24:24 deals, I've managed to collect quite an assortment of quarter boxes and singles with more on the way thanks to this week! As such, I really need your help and input to know if I am on the right path or what I might need to tweak to support more cigars before they arrive! Currently, I've used old cigar boxes as my trays and I've had to stagger them due to the size of my Tupperdor. I've also lined the tupperdor with cedar sheets. I'm using a 320g Boveda pack to sustain my humidity. With more cigars on the way, would it be safe to continue this process or would I need to do something differently like drill holes in the trays for my air circulation? Right now, I also have about 38 NCs in a separate cigar box/cab but they are in the tupperdor as well. If needed, I may need to relocate them into something else to keep this one strictly for CCs but in the mean time this is what my setup is. I've included pictures for reference. Any help, advice, input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  5. Hi Guys, I recently bought a Behike 54 and a Behike 56 whilst on Holiday in Brisbane in January. As excited I was to buy these I had second thoughts after leaving the vendor. I was surprised that they had so many boxes of Behikes which seems quite odd considering a lot of the major/reputable shops in Australia that I know of - don't have or are having a lot of trouble sourcing due to the bad crops experienced in Cuba recently. Maybe I am just crazy and loosing my mind but I thought I'd show you some pics to see what you guys think. These Behikes both were manufactured in 2016. Points/Observations: - The Behike 54 looks like it wasn't cut 100% straight and as you can see in the pictures; it is on a bit of an angle. - The Behike 56 sports the old Cohiba Hologram (not the new "chequered" hologram) which is pretty odd noting this cigar is from 2016... (I believe the old hologram was discontinued in 2014?) - The Behike 54 has the new hologram but the words "Cohiba" and "Behike" are difficult to see. I compared this to my genuine BHK 52s (I bought a box recently) and the words look much clearer. Sorry for the huge photo dump. I hope the pictures come out ok. Any thoughts and insights is much apprecaited! Luca P.S - Please note that the picture of the foots of the cigars - The BHK 54 is on the left and the BHK 56 is on the right.

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