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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for Partagás P2 box codes. I've had a couple of P2s lately that were really good. They had very light wrappers (with a nice rosado tint), quite loose and even rolls with easy draws and a rich box aroma. Flavours were like rich cedarwood, coffee bean, baking spices, white pepper and a hint of a creamy Parmesan cheese type complexity... if that makes sense to anyone and doesn't sound pretentious. Can anyone who knows their boxes well recommend any particular date/codes that match this description? Sadly, my cigar merchant just dumps their cigars out into display trays and keeps no record of what's what. Again, what I'm looking for is: 1. Even give/open bunching at foot/loose roll, 2. Light wrappers, 3. Rich yet delicate complexity Unfortunately, every other P2 I've tried since just doesn't match up and seem to have a less complex caramel-base flavour, usually darker wrappers and often firmer bunching. I've had the more savoury and complex character before in some D4s too, which also had the lighter wrappers. However, light wrappers alone don't seem to guarantee it. I need help and sound advice from experts here. Someone must know of certain date/codes that match this. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone, I was hoping to get a little advise from someone who has successfully set up and maintained a coolidor. I just recently picked up a 55 quart cooler from the local Wal-Mart in preparation of receiving a couple boxes of CCs. I will pose my questions in list form. 1. Viable humidification options? I live in Arizona so we are extremely dry all year. Have some silica kitty litter to experiment with. 2. Hygrometers, and hygrometers accuracy? I have an older xikar hygrometer that can still be calibrated, but was curious about wireless probes to mount in the coolidor. 3. Optimal storage RH for CC? I've had multiple humidors, but none dedicated to full boxes of CCs. 4. To fan or not to fan? Cheap lap top fans seem to be a good option, but if it's not necessary... Well guys and gals thanks for the time and advice. -Kyle
  3. Hello Everyone, Although I am fairly new to Cuban cigars, I have been building my collection slowly but surely. So far I have bought boxes of following. What should I buy next? Partagas Serie D4 Ramon Allones Specialty Selected RYJ Short Churchill Montecristo Petit Edmundo 10ct Trinidad Fundadores
  4. Hoping this is appropriate for my first topic post and hasn't been covered yet... Going to Cuba in a few weeks and wanted to buy some new cigars I haven’t smoked. I am new to this passion so I haven't had the pleasure of trying a variety of sticks from any one Marca. I personally love cigars that give a good tingle on the retrohale like RASS, SLR Regios, D4, TColoniales etc. as opposed to uber smooth smokes (RyJ Mille Fleur, HdM PE, Epi No1 etc.) and wanted to ask you gents for advice. I have done alot of reading into what are some of the stronger, fuller bodied smokes but was hoping to see what might be my range of choices based on the broad experiences on this forum. Of these five Marcas, I would like to kindly ask if some could suggest 1-2 sticks from each that is on the stronger side of the scale and in the = or > 46 gauge range? I don't think i'll be laying any of these purchases for sleep so those that smoke fresh would fit the bill better for me. HdMonterrey RyJulieta HUpmann Punch JLopez Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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