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  1. As of right now, unfortunately I am not planning on doing another run. But if I am able to, I will let you both know right away!
  2. @nino It looks absolutely fantastic! I am glad you are getting to enjoy it! ? The weather looks nice and the company looks nicer ?
  3. Fantastic review! I love the descriptions and the pictures, felt like i was enjoying it with you!
  4. @DoctorOctagon I just smiled big after reading this comment! Thank you so much for the post, it definitely made my day! ? Very glad you are getting as much use out of them as I am. I don’t take my hat off very often, I’ve been showing it plenty of love ?
  5. ? I would definitely take that as a WIN! Glad you both enjoy it! My wife stole my first shirt, so I ordered another one on the last round of orders for myself! No problem! Enjoy ?
  6. Happy 50th @X-Man! What a wonderful gift and an excellent way to celebrate! ?

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