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  1. My family and I are right in the middle of Florence. Been out of power for the last 24 hours. Thanks to my generator we are doing ok. Decided to celebrate the unfortunate circumstance with a Lusi from our host; haven’t pulled one out in over 6 months. It’s simply Exquisite and along with a Blantons store pick it’s transportjng me to a different reality for the next 120min
  2. Quick question… Where was the 2424 for the weekend???
  3. I got a box from or host several months ago. Smoked a few and they definitely needed rest. Pulled one out last week and it was the best cigar I’ve had since a Juan Lopez #2 three months ago. Hoping the rest of them come remotely close to that one last week.
  4. My cigar bucket list over the last couple years has included a Sr Winston. Finally scored a box from our host. Had my first one today. Absolutely amazing even only after 40 days down resting. Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of them over the next few years.
  5. I am somewhat new to the cc game. Been enjoying cc exclusively for the last three years. I usually have 6-10 cigars a week. I havent I have the pleasure of smoking lots of different aged varieties. I've had some 2012 MC #2; 2008 mag 46's; 2008 mag 50s; lots of different ones between 2014 to current . I have had the pleasure of going through boxes of at least 30 Varieties and probably 10 brands. So far in 2017 the Juan Lopes number #2 is an amazing cigar. It's one of the cigars this year that when I smoke it I don't want it to end and I already start looking forward to the next one that I can have. I'm already looking forward to when they come up again in the next 24:24
  6. Upman. #2 LUB 14 I've had them sitting for a few months this is the first one I've had so far could have the best beginning of the cigar I've had In a couple months Pairing Glen Draunich 12 and a Founders Harvest Ale
  7. Cohiba Piramid extra 2014 first one of these I've had about 8 to 10 months… Really nice the best one yet
  8. My preference is to pull them out of the tubes and rest in the Winador
  9. MC Petite Edmundo from our host along side a 2017 KBS

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