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  1. Appreciate you improving my vocabulary The few ideas that come to mind for me are humidity fluctuations (e.g. expansion and contraction of tobacco) and/or mishandling the sticks causing a small crack and its subsequent spread. Being new here and not wanting to point fingers this early in the game, I am going to blame the postal service. They always mess things up!!!
  2. No worries about Wednesday; life happens. I can make an 11am (9pm NY) game! Hoping we can get to five folks...
  3. Appreciate the warm reception! Glad to hear CO is well represented here! Can't wait to meet folks at some of the Colorado herfs I have heard about.
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting to know everyone and venturing into the fray!!!
  5. Hello fellow afficianados and fans of this amazing hobby! I definitely fall into the latter category. Just wanted to say hello from Denver, CO! Like others here, I am just starting out on my CC journey and am grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing community. Thank you for having me. I look forward to giving back and learning a lot more from the fine folks here. Should anyone end up in Colorado, look me up! I'd love to grab a cigar and get to know other Sisters/Brothers of the Leaf. See you on the forums...

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