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  1. Sitting I at my TJ apartment enjoying a Monte Linea listening to Bad Company. This - is - the best Monte I’ve ever had. Stay tuned for the rest of the smoke. Bought it as a single so unfortunately can’t tell you the box code. Update: the first third was very good and typical Monte flavor. I thought it was going to die for a second about half ways through but it revived itself. Could have been that it was a little windy. Second third started to get a little pepper but still had a good chocolate nutty flavor. Aroma was great the whole ways through. Last third I started to get a funky burn and had to relight, of course more pepper but no bite. All in all, definitely worth it .
  2. My daughters bought me one of these for Christmas this year. Supposedly rated pretty well, I wasn’t that impressed.
  3. Looking forward to these. Punch is one of my favorites. Our grandson was born this past Monday, first boy in the family in 31 years so, I decided to treat myself. Maybe, just maybe, one or two of my friends will get to partake.
  4. Been a while since I posted so figured I catch up with some of my recent favorites.
  5. I have a year of the dog in the cabinet back home just waiting for a little bit before I light it up.

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