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  1. I've always wanted to get Keith Richards and Ozzy together just to sit down and shoot the 💩. It would be the most unintelligible conversation in history.
  2. So this is funny... I told my wife I'd dig the foundation for more paving stones on Saturday because A) it's late and I work and B: I have COVID right now and tired af. Instead she wanted to start now, at 9pm. I'm helping.... Before you call me an asshole, i will help eventually. But I want to sink in I was going to do this on Saturday Mag 46
  3. I'm having trouble defining flavorsome... Like complexity? Full bodied? Standout flavors? Or like overwhelming palate? I don't know. I'm pedantic... I'll go with CoRo PSdP
  4. I'm confused. Where is anyone seeing all these 9s? I've never scrutinized seals.
  5. Ouch that's tough. I've had better luck with them than 48s but only had 2 boxes of those so far.
  6. I can't disagree more. All of mine have been more 'Punchy' than Punch Punch recent releases. That crisp cedar and spice is so prominent in my 19/20 boxes. PSdP is my favorite recent release.
  7. Old timers? Not that long ago. 😆 It sucks these were discontinued. They were an awesome morning cigar with a latte or cappuccino. Luckily PLPC are still around for that purpose. These and JL marevas are missed. Booo HSA.
  8. Careful now. You know it's real when Rob breaks out his gangsta speak... From 1995
  9. Now you're talking Moe. I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. 9/10.
  10. It's worth waiting still. I put a lot in to money market before the drop, I'll probably transition those funds to stocks after another dip... Which I expect.

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