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Stay-at-home dad for the past 11 years two girls 11 & 4 :) also work a few night a week at a cigar lounge!!! Used to be a part onwer and full time slave at a body shop :) Before that I re-bulit theft recoverys "Porsche and Benz" from the ground up.

My dream job is to move to Europe and work at a La Casa Del Habanos with a lounge :D

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Aloha everyone, I have not posted here in quite awhile but I see lots of familiar names of people I have known over the years on numerous cigar forums. Great to see you all again.

As for a living? I am blessed to work a job I absolutely LOVE. I am the associate editor for an online SUP (stand up paddle) surfing magazine. SUP is done on slightly larger than normal surfboards and is done by standing up and propelling yourself along with a long outrigger type paddle. Some of us do it large Hawaiian surf but it is also hugly popular for flat water (lakes, rivers, etc) fun and exercise. It has been practiced in Hawaii for decades but it has seen an amazing resurgence in recent years. It is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world.

My job has several duties like writing articles, covering and sometimes entering surf events, ad sales, and co host of an online radio show. The money isn't great (yet) but that is secondary as the job is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

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was a finance lawyer (and right at this minute, am i not glad to be out of that!), now spend most of my time writing about wine. a little bit on cigars, travel, food and trying to do a bit on fishing (and before rob starts, once it is in print, people just assume you must have some idea about what you write).

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