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  1. Firing up a piece of millennial history tonight...
  2. Think I have the original (Churchill) up in the attic. Its signed by both Rob and Castro. ? Worth its weight in Cohibas ?
  3. A lovely box of 2016 tubos from our host! ??
  4. Happy new year to everyone! Rafael Gonzalez Perlas and tequila...
  5. Rather reasonable for being in this taxed up part of the world. Perhaps test one around 2020.
  6. Around 1200 SEK for a box, Got a discount at my B&M since I´m a member and ended up at an even 1000 SEK.
  7. Released yesterday. Rafael Gonzales North Star Not a huge fan of the Regional program but couldn´t resist this one. Putting it away for a long sleep...
  8. Dropping by my local B&M and testing a Mananitas for the first time... ...and a Dip#3 Thanks @99call!!
  9. Me, myself and I at the local lounge. QdO Corona -13 and a Camacho Criollo.
  10. I just gotta chime in on this. Just tried this technique on a pair of aged and rather dried RyJ... Worked like a charm! -98 ex4 and -97 celestialies finos smoked better than ever. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't tried it!
  11. Did you use a lighter to correct the burn during smoking? High heat tends to cause those "bubbles".

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