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  1. I’m really slammed with work and church services the 23rd through the 27th, but I can come over one day to dallas I’m sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I decided on Refern due to it being close to CBD and there seemed to be a decent amount of places to eat cuisines I like there. I also found a $55/night deal on Airbnb which is right in between a craft beer bar and a Thai restaurant. It also looked like Sweeney hotel, east Syndey hotel and fortune of war/observer hotel aren't too far from Refern either. Baulkum hills I chose due to it being close to Hillsong church, which is where I'm attending a music conference those last 4 days. I will look into an opal card when I arrive, thanks for that info. I'd also like to check out the Bondi beach are as well. As for touristy things, I avoid those at all costs. I'd rather hang at pubs and eat at local cafes that residents of the city go to. So hanging with any of you over a meal, a few beers and smokes sounds like a great evening. Bruce
  3. Greetings all!!! It's been years since I've posted here, but after reaching out to El Prez this week he suggested i put up a post about my up coming trip down to Syndey. I'll be staying in Redfern from 11/7-11/14 and then moving up to Baulkum Hills from 11/14-11/18. My name is Bruce and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I've been a drummer most of my life and in the last 6.5 years I've bee a bartender at a long standing English pub in town. I'm also an avid traveller, mostly due to all my years of touring, I visit London once a year (minimum) and last year I spent a few days in Havana as well. I've already started pin pointing places to eat and have a few pints on one of my main travel apps, but I always welcome suggestions. I'll be limited to mostly Sydney public transport, but can of course use services like Uber and Lyft if need be. The first week I'm in Syndey I have zero obligations, so my schedule is wide open. Bruce
  4. done sir. i'll take your seat tonight and you can have mine on thursday night. gracias mi amigo! bruce
  5. most likely. gotta make room for all those over priced limited edition cigars. bruce
  6. i can't play on 5/12, so if anyone on 5/9-10 or 5/11-12 want to switch with me then please let me know asap. bruce
  7. i'll take the last seat on wednesday if it's open. bruce
  8. rob, no time to read this whole thread today as i have to leave for load in for a show in 30 minutes, but how can i not respond to this thread? i have never bought A box of SP's either.................i have however bought about 40-50 of them. and here's my $.02: -the coronas are the tops in my opinion with the belicoso being a close 2nd. -the bach's and the non plus are basically smaller versions of the corona and pretty much the exact same flavor profile. -the CG's and sanchos are much milder, but when they are on they are ON. i have some '01 and '05 sanchos aging very nicely in the humidor and i don't plan on lighting one up any time soon. well, maybe the '01's now that they are 10YO. AND my supply of '03 CG's is smoking very nicely right now. -lastly the molinos are also similar to the coronas, but a tad more richer (when aged at least) and probably my 3rd favorite SP. i have half a box of molinos and half a box of coronas from '99 left and they are stupid good. they are most likely the best tasting cigars in my aristocrat right now. they're even better than the '88 CG's i've had. to say i'm a HUGE fan of SP's is an understatement. there's a reason i got this done a few years back:
  9. i'm down to play if there's still room. i can play 5/9, 5/11, 5/13. all other nights i have gigs or live poker games. bruce
  10. well then. i better go grab a pint and light up. bruce
  11. i'm so behind on things here lisa. where is it that i can watch this? bruce
  12. well, i'm not exactly a newbie here, but considering it's been a long time since i have been active i thought i'd say hello........again. life has been quite an up and down the last few years and because of that i have not been active on the board here. not to mention i've been dead broke for a couple of years so i haven't bought smokes in a good year and a half. not even any of my beloved JLP's. i moved to nashville, tn about 15 months ago to find out just how much i want to keep playing music for a living and if there's a town that will test your love of music it's this one. music is what i have done for the last 25 years and it's all i know and know how to do.......well that is, but i think now is the start of my getting out of it. i will be moving back to fort worth, texas on friday this week to move back home to the people i know and love. most importantly to be around the people i need to be around. the people that no matter what i choose to do will love me and care about me (no matter how pissed i get at the pub and act a fool. LOL!!). it's been quite a test of life for me in the last 5 years. loosing loved ones, loosing jobs, moving too much. it's time for me to find out just what's next in life and i'm pretty wide open to options. the few things i truly love in life i can't seem to make a living at anymore, so being open to the options of what's next is pretty much my only option. i'm moving back with NO work pretty much, so i'll have to hustle up some gigs asap just to pay the bills for now. i've always said that without the low points in life the high points wouldn't seem so good, so i'm most definitely gonna put that to the test. i hope to be more active on here despite not being able to buy any smokes right now. i have missed the friendships i've made on here and other cigar boards. time to renew those. cheers fellas! bruce
  13. i agree 100%. if you have the money to buy one then it's worth taking a chance. in the past when i had the funds to buy vintage dunhills and davidoffs i did. oddly enough only one of them i deemed worth what i paid and because of that i sold off what i didn't feel was worth the price. so if you can purchase a 5'er or a box then do so. if you don't like them then sell them. it's almost guaranteed you won't lose any money. me personally, aside from being dead broke right now, i would not buy them. there is NO brand new cigar i would ever feel worth $40 or more. only 10+ YO cigars are ones i would ever consider buying for that price. bruce
  14. good luck finding any bottles of it. i found two places a few states away with it, but they wouldn't ship it to me. a mate up in the NE finally secured my 3 bottles. i am saving the other two to drink at a later date, but i have been informed by at least 3 people that i should have both drank in the next two years or it will start going down hill. bruce
  15. QDO panatella or QDO corona. both are small and FULL of mild flavors. bruce
  16. thanks to a good cigar mate up in the north east i got my hands on 3 bottles of this stuff. i drank one bottle last week and it's GOOD stuff. anyone else tried this yet? bruce
  17. i keep my cash in my aristocrat, so whenever i go to pay for something and open my wallet, i smell my cigars/humidor. bruce
  18. blood sausage. i'd eat it every single day if i could FIND it somewhere in this country. bruce
  19. i can play the 1st or perhaps the 3rd if there's still room. bruce
  20. how on earth can anyone rationalize paying $126 for a brand new cigar? i can get 20 YO davidoffs and dunhills cheaper than that. hell, if i want a cohiba that size i'll buy SIG VI's. bruce
  21. i haven't posted much here on FOH this year and i want to apologize. i got off the road (full time) from playing music 15 months ago to re evaulate things in my life and figure out what was "next". i ended up traveling the country from here in TX to LA (quite a few times) to FL twice (gotta love key west) to seattle (twice) and alot of points in between (about 40K miles worth). i saw more of the US in the last 15 months than i would by just by touring/playing music. i heavily considered moving out of the country (and still would), but it's all lead me back to music. in the next few months i will be planning a life move to good ole music city (nasvhille). it's not an easy one as i consider fort worth, texas my HOME. in the 19 years i have lived in TX i have never felt more at home than here in ftw. i met some people here that i consider family just as much as my own blood relatives. i need the people i met here in ftw more than i can even possibly try to expain, but IF i want to continue playing music then i have to move to nashville. there's nothing more i can do here in texas musically related. i always said i'd move to nashville if i had work and now not one, but TWO of my old bosses (sunny sweeney and bonnie bishop) have said they will give me they both live there now. so after 19 years here it's time to yank up the roots and move 700 miles away. i dare say it's one of the hardest decisions i have ever made in my ENTIRE life............and not an easy decision........but i have to do it. i'm 37 years old and i ain't getting any younger. sorry for all the heavy **** here, but the half bottle of talisker 10 YO is kicking in and i've been smoking alot of good cigars from larry's humidor tonight. i'm a bit sentimental. i promise i'll participate more as i have done in the past here at FOH. bruce
  22. just my opinion, but here's some of the reason HSA is doing horrid: the price in france for the cohiba gran reserva SIG VI (15) is about $1200. and they wonder why sales are down. if i could sell common sense i'd be a millionare. bruce
  23. need i even explain how sad this will make me if they cut the entire, well what's left of it anyway, SP line? it's just not right. bruce
  24. thaks for the concern fellas as i appreciate it alot. i am alive and well. it's true i did have to go to the emergency room a few nights before i flew to london for some chest pains, but all tests came back ok. after 12 hours of waiting to see a dr. there, and the nurses telling me all tests were good, i went home. when i get home from london wednesday night i will follow up with the ER and get my blood results. i have a good feeling and hunch all the chest pains are a result of my bad cholesterol levels (a family thing). i have been having a blast here in london with glen as my host. i have smoked some amazing cigars so far on this trip: '03 DIP#1, '98 ERDM CS, many custom rolled cigars, '99 VRDA, '90 ERDM demi tasse, '98 ERMD lonsdale and many of my own favorites that i brought with me. Lord knows i've also had my share of stella on this trip too. and glen is wonderful cook as well. tonigh he is cooking roasted lamb shanks. i shall be home late wednesday night for two nights before i leave on a 10 day midwest tour with "the bastard sons of johnny cash". bruce
  25. rob, some of what's on that list has been "officially" discontinued for years (SP CG'S for example). so that can't be a completely "new" list. i'm confused. bruce

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