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  1. Who the hell approved this visit? Either Kim's smoking the wrong end of the cigar or she purposely moved the label up the cigar so we could know it was a Cohiba. I'd venture to say this was a quick photo op and then they moved along.
  2. Best advice would be to read up on the Humidor Tutorial section of forums. 460 topics with many topics covered multiple times. Also search "rH Pigfish" or "rH Ray" and see what comes up on the humidity topic. It will blow your mind.
  3. I know many hate Ronaldo but I actually was happy for him. He may not be the best teammate but the great ones usually aren't. Game should probably have been 3-1. Line of the game from Ron Hudson referring to Suarez's missed shot in the first 10 minutes..."that was a Donald Trump haircut finish from Suarez!!!"
  4. The 2005 Hoyo Epi 1 I had this morning was top 3 cigars I've ever had. It was milk chocolate, cream, nutty, damn near snickers bar!!!!!
  5. Anyone else watching? Completely forgot I had 6 Epicure #1's left from a box of 2005 hiding in the humidor. AMAZING from start to finish.
  6. https://vine.co/v/OIZ01Xd6U3z "The valley ain't so bad!"
  7. Back to the topic...do you think both sides panicked afterwards or did they chop it up to just something that happens when you go off script?
  8. I'm referring more to the press conference than the overall situation. They weren't supposed to take questions and then did which went off script which made things interesting. The language barrier definitely came into play but also it was the lady who was given an opportunity to ask a question decided to take her 15 minutes and ask about 13 questions all wrapped up into 1. Then Castro tried to raise Obama's arm like they do after a boxing match and he wasn't have any of it probably bc of some of the things that Castro just said while answering a question he wasn't supposed to be asked in the first place.
  9. Well that couldn't have been more awkward and uncomfortable.
  10. What did you think was gonna happen? It's only the beginning right?
  11. http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=122188&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  12. I just don't want new members to miss out on the wealth of knowledge and responses that are located on the original topic thread. 2 threads come to mind. 1. Humidity - Ray (Pigfish) has responded with the equivalent of 4 Harry Potter novels. Often not understandable ( ) to anyone but once read and understood, humidity never needs to be brought back up. 2. Pictures of your humidor - Probably my favorite thread not just bc i started it but bc it's so fun to go through and admire. Topic recently was reposted and the link to original was posted very quickly but ignored. Not too many people posted pictures thereafter and this new thread faded away.
  13. I don't care about the groups/types of people or the posts you make. Just please search the forum for previous topics and add to them before you start an identical topic. Seen this happening a lot over the last year. This will make it easier as new members continue to join and have similar questions that we all had when first getting started.
  14. Watch the Vice News 3 part series on North Korea starting with the link below and if you still are interested in going...you got some issues! Have fun
  15. I recently bought an HQ box and I can see having it for 15-20 years. Not a lot of time with 2 kids and a puppy to be sitting around for a 2 hour smoke. Looking forward to seeing the evolution.
  16. North Korea seems like a safe place with lots of fun things to do.
  17. So we were finally able to get Dallas the box of cigars signed by Hamlet. Dallas was very excited and tweeted about it that day. Although I think he was limited in what he could say per rules and regulations as a professional athlete. Hamlet also posted the picture to his Instagram and Facebook pages as well. Thanks again Hamlet for making this happen! Look forward to meeting you if/when you come to Los Angeles.
  18. "One of Cleveland's good players" might be a reach. MD got thrown into a tough spot last year in the finals when Kyrie Irving went down. He wasn't ready but did his best. He's more known for his hustle and toughness then he is any type of skill. Actually, he was just voted "Dirtiest NBA Player" in the league by the players. A real get under your skin kind of guy. I'd say Andrew Bogut and Dante Exum are more well known Aussies then MD.
  19. What are your thoughts on the RyJ, Cohiba, Monte and/or Partagas Club's? I'm looking for a quick smoke on my 15 minute commute to the office. -Patrick

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