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  1. Definite improvement over the last 5 years. Box codes from 2000 to 2005 I would often have to chuck 5 or more smokes due to draw problems, but now it is more like 1 or 2 if any. I do prefer to store my smokes slightly dry though, between 60% and 65%, as I prefer my cigars to be ready to smoke
  2. Difficult question as 90% of my smokes are all long and skinnies! Went for the Especiales No.2 and LGC No.1 in the end. Love the Lanceros and Sdc No.1 too but smoke them less... Never tried the Punch Ninfas but would love to find some and give them a shot
  3. The third and final cigar! Well this one opened with a pretty unpleasant set of flavours, tasted very young and unbalanced... after the first few puffs I really didn't hold much hope for the smoke. Thankfully though, the first third settled down into light cocoa and solid tobacco. No real power to the cigar at all, wispy smoke, but pleasant nonetheless. The second third was more or less same and after that I just lost interest. Too little smoke, too little flavour. Overall this smoke had a nice flavour but was pretty weak. PM sent to Rob
  4. Mystery Cigar no.2 I'm not a fan of Robustos - in fact I only have one box in my humidor - so I'm not expecting to guess this at all! First third: Opening is pretty harsh, and a bit muddled. Not getting much of any one particular flavour at all. Quite dark fruit, possibly some gingerbread, but generally just a bit acrid to be honest. Second Third: Settles a little, getting black coffee, still pretty sharp and dank almost, fruit still prominent Final Third: A bit heavier but nothing new coming through. Overall an unimpressive cigar. Has this changed my mind about Robustos as a vitola? Nope. This size is just not for me! As for a guess as to what this is, well, hard to tell. It does seem very young, as others have said as well, and very muddled. I couldn't discern any noticeable characteristics of any marques, so this is going to have to be a complete guess!!
  5. Indeed Hat goes off to PCC as the RA Celestiales was also a decent price. I've had a couple from my box now and these are very approachable. I find PLPC's way too harsh/acrid when young, and need at least a few years before they begin to blossom. The Encantos however are really enjoyable now... in fact I'll probably try and find time to have another over the weekend now...
  6. A regular in my rotation this one It'll be interesting to see what other members think... (not a patch on the RS12 though it has to be said, RIP)
  7. Mystery Cigar No. 1 The cigar had a very warm orange wrapper, quite unusual really, almost like a fake tan colour. Loads of green spots on the wrapper too which gave the overall impression that this was some weird alien with acne. Pretty solid to the touch, which made me a little concerned that the draw could be tight. After lighting imediately receive earth and leather flavours. Very subtle, not overpowering at all, very smooth. Impressive opening. Draw is fine, slightly on the tight side, but a well constructed stick nonetheless. First third stayed in a similar vein, mouthfulls of mellow earthy smoke, enjoyable. Second third slightly stronger, darker flavours coming through, possibly dark chocolate, but the ongoing theme of eath and leather continues. Final third bringing more robustness to the mixture, but nothing really new added. Overall an enjoyable smoke, which I would give a score of 88
  8. Another vote here for buying something that you know you like rather than an EL/Behike. Makes a lot of sense... although the date band on the EL would actually be a very nice touch...
  9. Great question This is something that I've never really thought about. I know generally what my favourite smokes are but never really keep track of them too much. So I checked all my boxes and was surprised to find that: 1. Including the Czar Online Locker overall I have more Punch than anything else 2. Just looking at what I have here then Bolivar is the winner 3. The 3rd place was what really surprised me... La Gloria Cubana. Looks like I need to start keeping a spreadsheet of the boxes I have, and also where they are!!
  10. About an hour and a half.... not rushing, just enjoying
  11. Love the idea of naming these after Piggy, keeps in the tradition of naming the customs after our most illustrious members How about having the name in Spanish though, so 'El Cerdopeces' or just plain 'El Cerdo'?? Awesome looking smokes though, put me down for a bundle
  12. $40 bucks to take part? Rude not to really! Count me in please Prez
  13. And this is also my resolution for this year Soooo bored of the day job that it is time for a change, but got no idea what to do.. Contract is up in September so have a few months to mull it over... gonna be a lot of time spent smoking churchills and double coronas contemplating the meaning of my life this year I expect...
  14. They were my last years resolutions Mandarin is still ongoing but I managed to clear my last remaining 2 mortgages last year. Surprisingly though it doesn't feel as good to be debt free as I first thought it would be... maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet
  15. There are definitely some still at the Beijing Duty Free, or there were last time I went through which was a month ago. There is a box on display which you would be horrified if you saw it... the cigars are totally ruined, cracked and split wrappers... basically 2 years of neglect in a climate that fluctuates between 20% and 90% humidity. A tragedy. I took a pic with my mobile as I was just so shocked, but unfortunately it didn't come out very well so I won't bother posting it. I asked the assistant why they had allowed the cigars to reach such a state and he replied that this box was just for show, they had other boxes in storage. Even so, I would not expect them to be in great condition, and would inspect the smokes very thoroughly before any purchase. Let us know if you do pick any up though, I'd be interested to know whether the boxes they have in 'storage' are any better than what they have on show... not that they could be any worse

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