just when you thought it was safe to go into the water - Fraser Island

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hoping this works? not sure from the loading? 

seems to work. 

the annual fraser trip coming up in a few weeks. can't wait. missed last year as the border closures and shutdowns for covid screwed us. first missed trip in about four decades or so.

one of the guys was sent this by a mate this morning. i am 99.9% certain it is taken just to the north of Indian Head. honestly could not tell you how many times i have stood in the water there, further out than that, fishing. with blood dripping from the fish bag. perhaps a little more careful this year. 

that is also the very spot i sank my old man's range rover in the ocean many years ago. not my best evening. at least that would have given the shark a shock. 





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1 minute ago, El Presidente said:

I hope Di doesn't see this tomorrow. 

......that is about as deep as she goes normally. ;)

i think anyone who swims at fraser is insane. seen plenty bigger than that. of course, standing in that water with fish blood dripping is not crazy at all. i need to rethink my life. 

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Video wouldn’t work for me on my iPhone, but I looked up video on YouTube. Not just no, but Hell No! Not going in the water there.

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5 hours ago, Ken Gargett said:

everyone has  a lawyer joke. 

The video isn’t playing, for me at least.

Talk is cheap until you hire a lawyer.

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11 hours ago, Ford2112 said:

I want to hear more about sinking your dad's Range Rover. 

Once on spring break in Daytona Beach I found my rental car being pummeled by waves. We had no idea how it got there on the beach and lucky to drive it away! Im sure there is a good store behind the Rover

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7 hours ago, WarriorPrincess said:

Di did see it ........looks like I will going as deep as my ankles now :lol3:

Awww, aren't you nice to let the baby sharks nibble at your ankles. :P

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