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  1. To me, it looked like Will tried to laugh it off. Then he saw the look of pain on his wife's face, saw red, and reacted as a husband. I'm not excusing it, but I understand it.
  2. Sturgill is the man. Ten years ago, I never would have believed "psychedelic country" would even be a thing, much less that I would be diggin' it.
  3. Usually Pink Floyd or Steely Dan / Donald Fagen. Some noir jazz or blues.
  4. F&(K YO COUCH!!! Red-merle Aussie Reese on the right, and Aussie-ish rescue destructo-mutt Mollie on the left. Reese is the most accomplished kitchen-island food thief I've ever seen. She's only about 20" at the shoulder, but she stands on her back legs and lays out like a high jumper to snatch everything from ribeyes to brownies...
  5. I am not nearly as smart as I once believed myself to be...
  6. Both the Cohiba and Trinidad shorts are excellent. The Trinis tend to be a little smoother and milder overall than the Cohibas, but the flavors of both are very similar in my opinion. I have not yet tried the Montecristos, but I plan to. Great for work smoke breaks.
  7. Thanks for the reply Rob, is there any chance of the San Juans coming into stock soon? I enjoy the EE's myself.
  8. I bet that Husky is sweet! My sixteen year old is currently riding a 2007 Honda CR125 I found a couple of years ago with 30 hours on it. I'm building a 1999 Kawasaki KX250 to race in the 50+ class. I'll probably cripple myself. Nothing heals naturally anymore, everything must be repaired surgically now...
  9. Which of the other vitolas within the Hoyo de Monterrey line has flavors most like the Double Corona?

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