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Used to visit cousins in Sheepscot Maine and would drive through Newcastle on the way.  Cowshit Corner always got a laugh...



My understanding is it used to be cows HIT corner because someone ran over/into some cows on this spot many, many years ago, but it naturally ended up a more interesting, well....   moniker.    I have a photo somewhere from my childhood, but this one I shamelessly ripped off the ‘net.

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  Saw this a few weeks back and took the turn to investigate, it's just a little village nothing out of the ordinary. I was expecting flying beds and people wandering around in stripey pajamas. There's probably a message in there somewhere; leave some of the mystery in the world or something..



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8 hours ago, Phillys said:

Can't find mine but a picture of a sign on I-81 in PA. I drove a few times from Montreal to Florida, laughed every time. Surprisingly, didn't smell it from the highway.


Lol I still find that funny.  We PA folk are famous for our dreadful town names. There are also towns here named Blueballs and Intercourse.

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Nothing instills confidence in a professional than a chick in short shorts plastered on the service vehicle. I didn't see this one in the flesh, but a friend of mine sent it to me as the electrician was on one of his job-sites.  Electrician.jpg.740eb5f77cd3cac1dea94a7f64bcc9c2.jpg

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