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  1. Had Omicron a few weeks ago. Two days of cigars tasting bitter and burned, and then everything was back to normal...
  2. Personally, I would welcome a mandated consumption of alcohol for all babies and toddlers on board an aircraft, to keep the little monsters quiet. Half a shot of vodka on a lump of sugar should be enough.... Banning alcohol would be a,) pointless because morons who are intent on causing trouble will cause trouble whether drunk or sober; and b.) because it may well prove counter-productive as alcohol can and does reduce trouble by pacifying and calming passengers who are anxious about flying, worried about connections, stressed by the arsehole who insists on jamming their seat back into my knees while sharing their music with the rest of the cabin, or simply annoyed by the drongo who insisted on bringing their emotional support animal with them to shit all over the cabin.... Anyway, we already have sufficient tools to deal with drunks on aircraft. Let sky marshals earn their money. Put their names on a blacklist and share it between airlines to either ban them from flying or from consuming alcohol while on board. Name and shame them.
  3. There's many a cult that has started with fewer followers...
  4. There are three stages to sport in England. 1. Invent the sport. 2. Export the sport to the rest of the world. 3. Lose.
  5. Clearly another bid by Bill Gates for total control of humanity.....
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I have sent off an email to enquire about temperature regulation as well as humidification (their website wasn't too clear). Shipping, IME, is actually the easy part because I can always make my own arrangements and have things picked up directly from the factory/workshop. The difference between my own shipping costs and the discount form a manufacturer isn't too painful.
  7. Whiskey with ginger ale .... could be worse. Could have been diet Coke. Or Mountain Dew.
  8. This does not only apply to children -- my mother once made several jugs of sangria using bottles of 1970 Chateau Palmer ...
  9. Thanks for the advice; I think I may have to revisit this option. I had discounted it before because of a few horror stories by people who went down that path and found out the hard (and expensive) way that humidity and temperature requirements can be fatal for "normal" cabinetry. But I know a guy .... As for alternatives, that is one big rabbit hole! When I googled "temperature and humidity cabinet", I found all sorts of stuff, from lab equipment to cabinets for ageing cheese and sausages (yum) to cabs for photographic equipment and even one guy who builds these things to store his guitars ....
  10. So after a year and a half of doing the home reno/extension the hard way during COVID, I have finally been given the green light by She Who Must Be Obeyed (or at least consulted) to splurge on a Forever Home for my cigars. At the moment, my long-term storage is six 50l tupperdors stacked in my Kennards wine locker -- not a satisfactory solution because of access and it limits my wine storage (another vice) -- so I am looking for a large cabinet of 400l/3,000 cigar size. This has thrown up a few issues.... 1. I'm in Australia, and nobody seems to to sell these here, or even do conversions. If I could buy local, I would. If anyone knows a chippie who does this sort of thing, I'd love to hear about them. 2. The main countries that manufacture cabinets appear to be Germany, the US and China. Past experience with other purchases mean that I am not keen on Chinese products (quality control can be, shall we say, uneven). Does anyone have experience with US cabinets, in particular voltage conversion issues with the humidification? 3. In the past, my active humidification systems have always managed to produce a healthy crop of mould even when using distilled water. Can anyone recommend a system that avoids this? 4. I am also looking for a system that offers both active humidification and temperature control. This rules out a few options already, such as Marc Andre and the Schwaben (both Germans). Any other recommendations? 5. Gerber -- the exorbitant solution, and I am not sure that selling my right kidney and left nut would cover the cost, but when I start to think about the value of the cigars over a lifetime I might just be able to argue myself (and, more importantly, SWMBO) into it. Anyone in Oz have one of those, I'd love to hear your experiences. 6. CigarCava -- the Spanish option. Far more affordable, and again: any first-hand experience, I'd love to hear them. TIA.
  11. Cuban beans in a dark roast were always my favourite beans for making espresso! Maybe not the smoothest flavours in the world, but tons of character!

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