New to cc, looking for a medium body petit corona.

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Have never tried the RyJ, but quite enjoy the regalias, especially since the HUPC was discontinued. Something else to try is the Montecristo No.4 (when you get a good batch they are wonderful) all cocoa and cream. Also worth a try is the Rafael Gonzales PC, medium body, sweet baking spice and burnt sugar, one of the often overlooked PC.

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16 hours ago, Elgallo55 said:

Currently looking at H upmann regalias, RyJ mille fleurs.

You can't go wrong with either for starters. Perfect choice! The current production Regalias seems better than what I've seen in the past. In the Upmann range you may also try out the Majestic. I also agree with Phillys about the RGPC, certainly worth trying but in a different price league already. If you have a chance and find some Jose L Piedra Petit Cetros (recently discontinued), then don't overlook those short-filler cheap&cheerfulls. For me the 'mildest', most approachable of the JLP range, even for a beginner.

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I'd also reccomend the Upmann Majestic.  From what I've seen, the quality of these has been pretty solid recently.  Not HUPC but definitely worth the money.  Maybe also take a look at the RG Perlas.  Shorter than the traditional petit corona, but has flavor to boot.

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11 hours ago, crking3 said:

I think these have a little more power and fullness than light/medium ...especially young

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Youre probably right. I like a full body smoke....but these are a much lighter breakfast cigar for me. 

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You can never wrong with a mixture before you jump into a box that you might not enjoy. I'd certainly recommend:

-Bolivar PC

-Por Larranaga PC

-Juan Lopez PC

-Quintero Panetela

-RyJ Mille Fleur

-Partagas Mille Fleur

-Monte #3

-Sancho Panza Non Plus

-Trinidad Reyes

-Quay d'Orsey Corona

-Rafael Gonzalez Panetela Extra


A few are a little different in size but should give you a wide enough showcase of what's on offer, might give you an idea what you like before you jump into a whole box 

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