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  1. Same, just finished my last box. Have one on the way from the auctions and would love to have 15-20 more boxes
  2. Thank you to the FOH staff, I believe this is the first random draw I have ever won. Thanks again Dave
  3. Wish I would have known about that sooner, I’m just north near Sanibel Island, my store is in Estero. Busy with family from Michigan, all non smokers
  4. Very nice!! I’ve only been buying Cubans for 3 years and had a hard time putting together 11 cigars I thought you might enjoy. Glad you like what you received, congrats again. Dave
  5. I’ve got a few boxes of Wide Churchill’s from 2016 and they are really hitting their stride. To bad my taste have changed since I bought them, seem to really like the smaller RG sticks now.
  6. Every day is a great day to be alive, and I’m a Detroit Lions season ticket holder ?
  7. I’m sure they will all auction for a reasonable price? Absolutely beautiful works of art.
  8. This was written in jest. I have had this happen to me a few times at the cigar bar I frequent when I’m in Ft. Myers. I always thank the person and smoke his gift, though now when I enter the bar, my choice of smoke will already be torched and in my hand, problem solved.
  9. Really looking forward to this, thanks to the FOH team!!
  10. Thank you, but I have a bit of a cold and will save this for when I’m feeling better and can appreciate the flavors. Then spark off your cigar and enjoy the ride.
  11. Mine came with an electronic humidifier, set it and wait a few days till it remains steady. But here is a link with everything you should need.
  12. A cigar a day and before you know it, a box to sell out the back door.
  13. Picked this up yesterday off of Facebook marketplace, Aristocrat end table w/humidifier, $300. Don’t really need it, but couldn’t resist the deal.
  14. The only NC’s I have. Tried a couple and they were ok so I figured I pick up a box. I think I bought them around a year and a half ago. Haven’t broke em open yet.

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