Which is the best of the Fatty Half Corona Format.

What is your favourite fatty half corona format  

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I capped it at 47 gauge to make it a little clearer. 

Which one of the fatty half corona brigade do you enjoy most?


the latecomer "Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales"

the established favourite in "H. Upmann Half corona"

The smooth cocoa/cream pin up boy "Montecristo Media Corona"


Which one and why? tap the poll but let us know your thoughts :ok:


Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales NOV 18.jpg


H. Upmann Half Corona HQ MAY 18.jpg

Montecristo Media PSP MAR 18.jpg

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In nov ‘16 ... when in Havana ... every morning (in the comodoro smoke shop) I had either a media corona or half corona .

hands down the monty media corona was the prettiest ... also hands down the upmann half corona was the best tasting and best burn/smoking .

so I guess it depends on what you are looking for (dark oily wrapper (monty) or tasty and well balanced (upmann)) ... I voted for upmann half corona .


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Loved the Petit Royales I got from 24:24 the first time around. Everything I enjoy about the RyJs. However, having only had the chance at one box and also remembering the rather poor quality of RyJ I've experienced previously I vote HUHC.

Had some late 2012 and early 2013 tins that I smoked over the past 3-4 months, they were the best value stick of 2018 for me.

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I voted Monte because they are tasty and have been more consistent for me. The Upmann are growing on me, but they’re more likely to be too tight or just harsh. Never tried the ryj. 

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I have never had any luck with anything in the RyJ range. I just don't know why.

As for the HUHC and MMC... that was a coin toss between the two. I enjoy them both, but the HUHC just inches past the MMC.

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55 minutes ago, ErikB72 said:

Love the HUHC but really digging the Quintero Petit Quintero lately

Quinteros are a good choice too

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... when did 47 ring become a coronas, other than a double?

You mean there is more than one? Who would have known? -LOL

Give me a Partagas Tres Petit Coronas! Better than that petit Upmann by a long shot. Better than the Party Short as well!

As usual, I am off the range a bit. Carry on! -the Pig

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Been an HUHC fan for some time. Only ever had one box of the Monte so that's telling.

first box of RyJ was fantastic. More recent a little less so.

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