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  1. old fashioned (in different varieties), rusty nail, boulevardier, vieux carre.
  2. smoked one this summer. that was just nothing worth of paying that price and nothing special.
  3. only 80 made and distributor already sold all stock. The author and mover of this project got 40 of them and distributor got 40. Each LCDH got 3 jars, each specialist gor only one.
  4. I vote for Medio Siglo and Monte PE. if it was available anywhere I'd like to choose BHK52, but since it's not possible my choice would be PSD#5
  5. smoked Attracto in perfecto shape from 1953. smoke mostly 5+ years and most of newly released 1+ to try and remember initial taste.
  6. Bolivar Coronas Juniors, 2007 This is the cigar I really like to smoke. and especially I love them pretty aged. Fortunately I've got some with that age. It started with earthy flavour, slightly nutty with strong espresso taste, a bit of spices. the draw is just as I like. Spices are getting low, I’d say it’s more like cinnamon and light sweetness appears. The taste is very rich and complex and even cocky despite of its age. Last third doesn’t show any difference

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