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I am glad he mentioned you guys. :D

How do you reply in a positive and uplifting manner. i should have just sent it to John S. In fact, in future I will :D


"I can't begin to tell you how disapointed I am.   I believed that the forum you own was a good source of information on cigars. I came across it while researching cigars getting ready for my first trip to Cuba in November. In Cuba I bought cuban cigars and brought them back. Everywhere on your forum it reads "freeze freeze freeze " cigars brought from cuba. I did AND NOW THEY TASTE AWFUL.  THEY ARE RUINED!

Why do you and your forum people offer such stupid advice. What can you do about my cigars?

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39 minutes ago, bundwallah said:

Probably didn't put them in ziplocs..Just tossed them in.  Or better yet, took the bundles or sticks out of the boxes and then froze them. :D



That's hilarious but only because it's probably exactly what this bloke did! 

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If he was doing all this research and accessing all this information using this forum, he would have done it right. Could have asked questions, but this really does not seem to be about bad advice.

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7 minutes ago, stogieluver said: initial reply would be to ask for that information.

The guy appears to have an axe to grind- I don't think you can have a logical discussion with him.

But what the hell do I know, I thought Bama was gonna roll all over Clemson.  2019 has started off with a bad omen.

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35 minutes ago, fitzy said:

Hmmm maybe he tried smoking them while frozen? ?

I have smoked right out of the freezer (within ten minutes) ... it (to me) changes nothing ... cigars are okay “smoked while frozen”


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23 minutes ago, FatherOfPugs said:

What an email. Person sounds like a 1st class [email protected]*chebag! Seriously, how do folks have the gall to send something like that.....

It happens every 2 months or so......  I miss them if it goes longer 

Normally at least they are a client :D

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Loose in the freezer, next to the fish and the curry......

Must taste amazing, the curry and fish that is,

the cigars taste like sh1t


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