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  1. Randy Rhoads was just coming into his own establishing himself as a guitar icon when he was tragically killed in a senseless "joy ride" plane crash. But his legacy has far exceeded his 25 years of life 40 years later. Amazing how some live such short lives, but inspire and influence generations of music lovers for decades. I remember walking into the local record store in 1980 and buying Blizzard of Oz.
  2. Barcodes and micro serials scratched off are not a sign of nefarious activity. It is merely a safeguard so the regional distributor can't be traced selling boxes in another region. They are as genuine as any box sold on this site. This is assuming your vendor is of course legit and not one of the suppliers knowingly selling fakes. You should do your internet homework to identify the good from the bad.
  3. Ozzy is 73 and Jeff Beck is 78. And the song kicks a$$ for a couple of old guys. BTW I am a huge Black Sabbath and Ozzy fan. I grew up in the late 70's/ early 80's when heavy rock ruled the world. And at almost 56 I still live for heavy rock n roll. I wish I could relive the 80's. It was a great decade. Much simpler times, and less hate and division in the world.
  4. Got some EML15's and they are a total flavor bomb. Deep, dark fudge like flavors. Not a cigar for Choix lovers!😂
  5. FWIW, if this was on a weekend instead of a Thursday I would have been there. But two hour drive from Myrtle beach area to Charleston. Could not make it on a weekday. Looks like a good time.
  6. Forget Rolex, Hermes, Gucci and Prada. Cohiba will by far be the most counterfeited product on the planet now, especially at these prices. I'm sure the fakers will be honing their skills now there is a huge incentive at 1K-2K/ box.
  7. I have an RAT 20 box, and man they are salty! Savoring the box sparingly. Love the unique blend. Nothing like it
  8. Agreed. Your DNA has much to do with your health. How many do you hear about that never drank, smoked any form of tobacco, worked out in the gym religiously for years only to come down with some form of terminal cancer or suffer a one and done fatal heart attack? Or the guy who smoked two-three packs a day of non-filtered Camels and lived to be 95? Life can be quite puzzling.
  9. Never had a reason to test. I'm a home body and generally stay away from people other than my inner circle. Best part is all my cigars have tasted fantastic over the last two years. I also think getting adequate sleep and taking vitamin D3 may have helped with covid immunity. Also specific DNA. Some folks are just more immune to viruses than others. That is scientific fact.
  10. You may not believe this, but I never contracted COVID !! Call me lucky or my immune system is simply extraordinary. No complaints either way.
  11. I'd love a new Ferrari, Bentley and a second precious metal Rolex (Platinum)!!🤩
  12. HUPC was my favorite Mareva besides the Monte4 and the RGPC. Have one box left so enjoy them sparingly. This cigar being discontinued still pisses me off.
  13. Upmann PC was an even bigger loss. All in favor of over-priced crap ala Magnum54. ConnieA, ConnieB, Connie2.
  14. How many in 2022 actually smoke double coronas on a regular basis? I would venture to say this vitola is a relic of the past and has only a small niche of fans. I personally have zero interest in a 2-3 hour duration cigar.
  15. My three best friends are my two dogs and my parrot. None of them are moochers. Don't have any desire for human friends, other than my immediate family. I smoke cigars with a drink of some kind and rock and roll music on the bluetooth boombox in my man cave (garage).

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