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  1. Got back friday, spent a week at iberostar ensenachos in Cayo Santa Maria. Ya I know not the "Cuba " Experience, but Wife and I wanted a week to do nothing after the last 2 year gong show. Great resort, this is our 4th or 5th time.Was a GREAT week with perfect weather. Few shortages like soda water and shrimp, but everything else good. There is a small LCDH at resort, just the normal run of the mill stuff there. There IS a box a box of Sir Winstons there , but sadly they look is open on display, and I assume sat there open for last 2 years. Went to the main LCDH down the road, and a little more there. No real GOOD stuff, but stock anyway. Not much new stuff. Quite a bit of Cohiba sig 1 and 2 and some medio siglo. I didn't bother as I have some. No tini only reyes. Tons of run of the mill stuff. Sadly wouldnt let me in to look, so had to peer through Ended up with Romeo&Julieta Cedros De Luxe TEO SEPT 19 10 Romeo&Julieta Cedros De Luxe TEO JULY 19 10 Punch La Isla MUP JULY 18 10 Punch La Isla MUP JULY 18 10 Ramon Allonnes RASS MSU MAR 18 25 Bolivar Royal Coronas MSU FEB 19 25 Partagas Presidentes UMR NOV 19 25
  2. Going to Cuba next can hope for a big box or 2 no?? 😛
  3. Cheers folks, .....Nice Sig III from 2017 and some Glenlivet
  4. Trying out the new sled tomorrow. Sometimes, nice to have a party short etc on a break, but gonna be -30c so there wont be any of that!
  5. I got that after my second.....not sure on the third. Prob should as the new strain is sarting to show up around here😕
  6. Well....thought I'd update. After procrastinating as I seem to do, I finally bought a Jura S8 today. A lot of money, but WOW does this ever do a great job! Best cappuccino I have ever had, and haven't even tweaked the settings yet. Probably better for me also, as I usually drink coffee with a fair bit of cream and sugar to like the taste. No more grinding beans,less mess, and quicker. Now to try out some different beans. I have been using Starbucks Verona for years, but will try out some others. They rec. not to use an oily roast, so I'll poke around to see whats out there.
  7. I wonder once things start to open back up and we can more easily go there, if they will be more or less apt. to check? I think the first time ill stick to limit and see what happens
  8. I would say yes, as , I can see businesses getting sued/health ins. increases/coverage dropped, if they get an outbreak. Thats all some of these poor business owners need after this mess of lockdowns etc. In Ontario, we have required for years that school aged kids get vaxed for various things, or you can't go. I don't see how this is different. Ok, so this vax isn't "approved"......but how much more of a test do we need , considering the millions of doses done, with the very low incidents of bad/fatal reactions? ALL vaxs have some bad side effects. Seems the effects of covid are much worse. I know 2 people that didn't make it, and they were no where near deaths door or have health issues when they got it. I feel for our health care professionals.....I know a couple that are getting burnt out with long hours/low staff, and dealing with this.
  9. RE: SpaceX.......I wonder if these could be smuggled in/dropped? I would think would be easy to hide on the ground with shrubs around? That said I have no idea if any sats are in place to actually provide service? I have not paid enough attention to know if sats are only in certain areas
  10. My 2 cents, and while I am certainly NO expert, my thoughts are this. If Cuba wants to say the US , is hurting them so bad by this, then drop it. Then what can they do? Who is left to blame? By what they claim, things should drastically get better for the average Cuban? When that doesn't happen(and I'm sure it won't) then this will come back to bite them in the ass. I would think, IMO, that things will have to change as there is no excuse now. I know a few Cubans that I have talked to over the years think the US is to "blame" for the way things are....some not all....but some I have talked to anyway think that way. This will open some eyes down there, and there might be a harder push for change sooner than later. As it sits now, certainly seems like a stalemate. Certainly there are FAR worse places that the US deals with, and Canada included in that, than Cuba. Christ look at China?? I think its time just to drop this nonsense with Cuba and move on.
  11. Got the Pfizer jab monday, (along with 4 other family)....very mild effects thankfully.
  12. Well, I had decided, back last summer I would probably pass on the vax, mostly due to the short length of time of testing,etc Well on to close to a year later, a couple lockdowns(still in one!), a few deaths of people I knew, who were either in good or decent health and I decided to do it. Got the Pfizer jab on monday. Almost zero side effects thankfully. This has been a stressful and long 18 months, and I want a "normal" to return, whatever that may be. Sad this has been such a "rights" battle to some, time to move on.
  13. Since the masks have been brought up a lot here,I have a couple of thoughts. While I get the science behind why some say they do little.(plain cheap masks).... But.....Atleast twice a year I and usually the other 2 in my household, would always get a bad cold, maybe more. I've always been that way(im 53). I nor anyone in my house has had none since this nonsense started. And the same with most people I know. Now I work as a foreman for a large auto group, and am in prob. 15 cars a day, and the same with other folks I work with. While we give most a quick wipe down on "touch" surfaces(steering wheel, door handles etc), we are not going crazy with it. We don't have to wear masks in the actual shop, we do if anywhere else in any of the buildings.. I also wear one if out shopping etc as we have to. Just cheap masks nothing fancy. I have not used hand sanitizer in months. So if masks "do nothing" as some say, then why the big change in no colds??? SOMETHING has to have changed, as I said I and most I know are not spraying sanitizer all over/wiping stuff down?? The only thing consistent over the last year I have been doing is wearing a mask where I have been told I have to. Seems to point to the fact that masks are certainly helping. And as I said its not like have one on 24/7. I have worked full time, no time off, still around people(masked) and am not hiding at home. So how can they NOT be working?
  14. Not much sadly, as here in Ontario, Canada, its zoo with higher case than ever
  15. Well its glad to hear some of you folks are in areas that have low/no cases, and reopened for the most part, Here in Ontario, Canada, its a bit of a zoo right now. We have been locked down for roughly 3 weeks, with roughly 3 more to go....WITH higher cases than ever. Where I am, its not as bad as some bigger cities, so as the hospitals are overwhelmed there, they are now flying people in from those areas to OUR hospitals. Great times😟 Sadly we have a shortage of doses, so its a bit of an uphill battle to say the least. The Fed.Gov. is to blame for this mess,imo as they botched the vax purchase contracts, and the main issue, is were VERY slow to restrict foreign in. There have been THOUSANDS of known infected flights coming in. I was against getting the vax at first, months ago, due to not knowing if there will be long term effects. But at this point I will certainly go ahead and get it when able to. Stay safe folks.
  16. Love these. Have 50 cab sitting, while have about 15 left out of another 50cab.

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