Stopwatch: Mareva/Petit Corona

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Last weekend we did the Robusto. This weekend we will do the mareva (ensure it is a mareva..42 gauge)

That should be enough in terms of information/data we need. 

So...pick your Mareva/Petit Corona and let's go over the objectives again. B)



This weekend, lets try a little experiment in order to gauge where we all sit in terms of how fast we smoke a cigar. 

This is not a is not how quickly you smoke it ....or how slowly (Marko Bilic will think I am cutting into his World Slow Smoking gig :D)

I am amazed at the different amount of time that cigar lovers take to get through the same cigar. 

So this weekend, pick a Cuban Mareva/Petit Corona (must be 42 gauge) if in doubt is your friend) 

Time it.  From lighting to just below the band or wherever you are comfortable in that region. 

Post a photo and your time. Into the draw for a little sampler drawn Tuesday :ok: a review of the cigar at the same time....I will give you an extra ticket in the draw!

Post your results (and review if you wish) on this thread. 


The word is that a PC takes 45 minutes on average. Let's put it to the test. are doing this for science!

Have a cracker weekend! :spotlight:




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Ok, it's Tuesday, so it's time to summarize findings thus far.  (Will keep updating the data if more reviews roll in.) Petit Corona data. Previous Robusto data. Cigars smok

Current Regular Production Mareva/Petit Coronas Cigars (42 ring gauge x 129 mm or 5.1 inches)   Discontinued Mareva/Petit Coronas since 2000 (I did not realise there were so many!)

Rafael Gonzales PC (UTE OCT 15) 1634 to 1716 = 47 mins I really enjoyed this cigar - end of a good working week, sun shining, family otherwise occupied so no interruptions. Surprisingly sweet on the

Gee, I just smoked my only Siglo II yesterday...tasty little bugger that came from a contest sampler thanks to Rob & Crew :thumbsup:

How about I start timing a Siglo III when it gets down to proper length? :lol3:

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Had a BPC earlier today so no pictures to enter the contest but it was almost 1.5 hours. Last one from that box and it was one of the best ones in the box.

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10 minutes ago, Hutch said:

Smoke time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. Surprised me...expected sub 1 hour.

Yeah, I wish I timed my Sig II sure seemed like it lasted a fair bit longer than the 65 minute robusto last week.

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I am having an Upmann weekend so thought I would commence with a Petit Corona anyway.  Sat outside under the patio umbrella is the rain was not ideal, but better than depriving myself.  Surprisingly, it took me 55 minutes to smoke, wonky due to the wet, but was as delicious as every other PC of Upmann I have had.


Fortunately our new Summer House is being delivered on Monday, which I shall be turning into my backyard pub/smoking room........fingers crossed, so the rain can go to hell.





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Siglo II from our host. MEL OCT16

figure I up the sample number... for science...


Cold draw: Hay

Start: 12:44



First third: coffee and honey

Second third: grass and coffee, hint of sweetness.


IMG_0537.thumb.JPG.82397594560cdcea4bf211fbff282d45.JPGLast third: honey makes a come back! Oh my!

Finish: 1:37



Time: 53 minutes (Wow standard deviation of 0 from my monte#4 as the other sample)


I had one a month or two ago from the same box for the ode to 42 gauge and it's noticeably getting better.

The honey flavor is intensifying while the youngness is fading quite a bit from the last one.

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This was a fantastic Siglo II from late 2015. It had a persistent perfumy floral note along with milk chocolate and roasted nuts. Just lovely. Paired with a hoppy Michigan pilsner. At 74 minutes this took longer than the robusto from last weekend.




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My size of smoke .

'14 monty#4

purchased in Havana in may'14 as a 5pack . Assuming (as I do) that 5packs age faster than anything but singles ... time to try . Youngish but nice ... tasted like tobacco burning . Balance not there yet with strength overpowering flavours . A good smoke .

smoking time was 55:27



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Diplomaticos #4



Sad to say I'm down to my last boxes on these... ☹️


Feels a bit underfilled with a very loose draw.


1/3 Strong start. Loads of smoke with pepper, cream and leather.

2/3 Pepper is almost gone. Just luscious waves of creamy leather and tobacco.

3/3 Same as before. Just keeps on going.


Dip #4 is the guy that always shows up at work in time. Works hard all day and checks out punctual. A steady performer without any big surprises. Mr. Reliable.


Smoking time: 42 min 

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Rafael gonzalaz petit corona: SOM MAR 16

Total time 57 minutes.

Salt, earth, smoke, tobacco. Usually get coffee cream from these but not so much today. 89 score.

Raining today outside so that could have been a factor.

Smoking my first brisket (points only, 2 small pieces) today. 3 and a half hours in getting close to done.8536f249a476470318b8f4b21d5804a8.jpg7e3bb8eaee3a4470947bfcbaf22691d9.jpg26a6013c7d2af53a951a85247d63748d.jpgbc037ad053ee6a6a5773e8f0ee890eab.jpg66b166fb851128d264deeab39896247d.jpg

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