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  1. Nice review Ute...What a great Smoke! I only have 2 Ninfas left and it will be a sad Day when I smoke my last. I am glad you have had the opportunity to enjoy one.
  2. Monte Especial's???

  3. FLY EAGLES FLY! Carson Wentz is back and motivated. All Pro Left Tackle Jason Peters is back and motivated. All Pro Return Specialist/Rb Darren Sproles is back for his final Season in the NFL and motivated. Starting MLB Jordan Hicks is back and motivated. Special Teams Captain Chris Maragos is back and motivated. Won the Super Bowl without these Gents on the Field. Looking forward to another great Year from the Birds! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. FLY EAGLES FLY!! Heading back to Philly for the Parade on Tuesday! 1st Team All Pro Center Jason Kelce is The Man!! BIRDS FOREVER!!
  5. Just returned from a great Ski Trip to Zermatt and St. Moritz. The Snow and Skiing were incredible! Was able to pick up these 2 wonderful Boxes. The first one courtesy of Marc Portmann...Thank you to Nino for his introduction to this wonderful Family! LGC #2 ULA Jul 14 Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales SCD ES00 Jun 1999
  6. Best Shop in Zurich is Samuel Menzi's LCDH on Bleicherweg 9. There are also Davidoff Shops throughout the City Center if you want your typical ready to smoke stuff. Airport Duty Free in Zurich is nothing special. Be sure to bring the Cigars you want to smoke to Zermatt as there are very few places to purchase a Cigar if you are not carrying. Cigar Bars etc... Will be in Zermatt myself spending Christmas, then over to St. Moritz for the New Year. Enjoy CH!
  7. shorts look worth the price.....

  8. A nice Box of Party 898 SOM Sept. 16 overlooking Paradeplatz Zürich City Center
  9. Here is what I am using. Great Device with an App connected to my iPhone. Swiss made!
  10. Done! Are you at 98 Subscribed? Will watch that 1998 Dip 4 review when I light something up at Aperitivo time.
  11. Great Review Ray! Very entertaining and well presented... I hope that you will start doing more reviews, especially some of your Habano classics.

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