Post a Picture of any cigars you have with Plume

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The plume thread is a cracker! Well done.

I still don't know if anyone knows how/why it occurs.

But for those with examples of Plume on their cigars...can they post a Picture here and include the box date of the cigars if they have it? Perhaps even the conditions they store their cigars under....and maybe a comment if they smoke better than other same cigars (non plumed) of the same rough age?

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03 SLR A from a cab. Cant remember code off hand and the rest of the cab is stored in a converted freezer in my office. This particular cigar was strong as balls compared to others in the cab. Just sm

I'd wager 90%+ of the time something is claimed as plume it is actually mold.

Most definitely not plume. Wipe those down before it spreads


Now who has a lens that can take a macro photo of the plume showing its structure?

... and like the ones above, it would show no more than mold. Looking through a strong magnifying glass many many examples, they show spore like furry structures and not a hint of liquid/crystallization. I'm sold on it being non existent. Its sold as being very rare... fine... of the millions of cigars produced and aged why hasnt there been more examples/actual pictures/the odd store that has one stick?

I say we should run a poll... Do you believe Plume is Mold?

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At a cigar store near Rama, Ontario, A box of QDO coronas was all moldy. "Note the lovely plume", said the store's owner.

So I guess I have seen it.

Yup, heard the same at a B&M in Augusta, GA.

Picking up a Tatuaje brown label Regios from a cab, the lady said 'Look, it's in bloom!'

She was on to something. The fungus was actually blooming ;)

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A local shop near me had a box of aged Padrons that they said had lots of plume on them. They were quite proud of that box.

I thought it was mold, however, the worker at the shop told me it couldn't be mold because it wiped right off. It did wipe off easily and it left no trace behind once it was removed (not that I could see anyway).

It was a greenish color, very dry, scab like things. It acted like dust as it could be brushed or blown off very easily.

This was several years ago. I wasn't anywhere near educated enough to know anything about it.

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Same experience here recently. I was chatting to the lady at the local shop and she pulled out a box of CoRo. 2011 and I was pretty interested, so she opens the box to show me the "plume"..... Yeah, no thanks

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