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  1. Nostalgia mode: when I started this cigar hobby, the RG Lonsdale and the SP Molinos could be had for 4€/piece in Spain… When the VR Classicos was released it was priced above the double…
  2. Take the time to watch this it's worth it… The finale is an insult to intelligence in general, and to the intelligence of the people who have acclaimed this show (and the books) for years…
  3. Definitely but this has always been the case for all Quai d'Orsay cigars… IMHO
  4. I'm smoking my first one at the moment, that I bought from my local retailer; this is a VERY good cigar, with a blend lying between Cohiba and Upmann… I forgot to check the box code so I don't know how old it is, but I'm really enjoying it (with a glass of rum). It's not strong but the smoke offers a great viscosity and "longueur en bouche" (=finish). Recommended!
  5. Agreed on both points. I had to make an big effort to finish the last two books…
  6. I strongly disagree with the bolded. One doesn't have to be a film student to realize the the drop in writing quality that occurred as early as season 5.
  7. This episode is a disaster IMHO. Poor dialogues, stupid jokes, useless Disney-like dragon riding, zero action, etc. Let's hope this was just a hors d'œuvre before the real stuff comes… And for God sake, WHERE IS GHOST????
  8. If you havent't watched the previous seasons it's gonna be a bit complicated, but at least it should be EXTREMELY spectacular with medieval fights, dragons, magic, etc. Let's not forget rape, incest, torture, etc.
  9. Isn't a bit odd that people are talking about fake/legit cigars without a single word about the look and the taste of said cigars? ?
  10. I have had 5 or 6 of these (PSD4, Monte4, Siglo VI, etc.) and yes they were exceptional cigars… If I could afford them I'd have a box of each. If you have the cash don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed!
  11. Ask the guy on your profile's picture, he's smoking a Toscano!? In Italy you should find them in most tobacco shop…

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