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  1. Great to see guys. It’s doesn’t matter where in the world you two do it just the best to see.
  2. A mad Abalone diver(poacher) l know say’s “Never Piss it’s Shark Sugar. True? Westg...
  3. When both are daily sports l struggle through no matter my match fitness.
  4. These posts sent me on the hunt Found the old pride. And l'll pull the old Taiyo Bullet out for a run as well fuzz.
  5. Kick off with a Partagas short, Coffee and grappa. Watch the world go by for halfa and make sure your 5+ healthy shots in. The rest of the day is the marathon. If you stop......
  6. This twit has ticked every box for every authority to raise a red flag. And like Schapelle we will watch the lot on bloody Everything. The Aussie "Fair go" gets in the way of people being objective when taking sides. As for Schapelle her sister and local husband Bar sold Aussie Hydro for years B4.Her old man and brother were both done for dope previously. Cassie will have a connection as well.
  7. Geelong is starting to pick up pace. With it being the short train trip to Melbourne if it's too slow. Now, Warnambool can get quiet, winter especially. Good country/coastal town to get a feel for the quieter Aussie pace. Both places have the late hour Drunk problem but if your still walking the streets at 1am your a ....... Better casual work prospects in Geelong, Warnambool at Holiday time Ok. When at Geelong your day to day will be local but shopping/events/ occasions will be in Melbourne as it's so close. Geelong has s few scummy areas like all places and local rent prices will let you know. Warnambool is cheaper. Geelongs PT is good and linked with Melbourne. Warnambool is country rail and buss so Big gaps in timetables life is easier close to campus. No probs getting around Geelong.
  8. RA you would rock Panama, mayor of the city within the 10yrs. Like playing in HK but with a little more romance.

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