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  1. Anyone else in Hong Kong? Have a 1988 Sancho Panza Beli Sent from the Enigma via Tapatalk for BlackBerry Classic.
  2. Aged top sirloins - extra marbling. Leave on the counter for 20 minutes. Serve with salt.
  3. I use a series of perfectly calculated orbital defence satellites put at civilian strength. C'mon Piggy, it's 2016 and you're still on CANDU5?! I actually just use a dual torch toast. Cedar spills if I can be bothered but everything is just more relax when your ritualistic habits start deteriorating with all the travel and busyness of life.
  4. I loved them ever since I went into the back of my local cigar shoppe and found a bundle of Petit Cetros with 6 years of age on them. They had some falling apart wrappers but the tastes were spot on to my surprise. I really don't regret getting those cigars. Those fresh ones have that unique Cuban twang to them (some call it harshness, I sometimes search for that kind of assault on the lips) for a fraction of the price. There are days that I would choose a 1YO JLP over a fresh Cohiba Siglo I or II.
  5. You know what? I'm gonna triple agree on this one. They seemed to have flooded the market a while back and my only regret is not getting more than 2 boxes. The Bolivar Corona Extras from that year kept coming back with more just like any TEB box coded cigar I've had. As for standard production, any Cohiba Siglo 1-5 would get my vote. The VI I have never liked and have barely found one that burned correctly, unfortunately...
  6. An ERdM with a strong IPA is one of life's treasures. I've really, really enjoyed my last 6m old Choix Supreme with Midtfyns Bryghus. It really helps to mask the young harshness of the ERdM CS. Laugh if you will, but those American / Canadian lagers are fantastic to pair with some cigars. I used to only use them to mix with gin to make an instant gin&tonic (instead of tonic water) but they are a step above regular sparkling water in terms of taste that pairs very well with a cigar. My favourite is Busch. If I really want to taste it, though. I would probably go with a strong cigar with Hobgoblin. A British friend of mine introduced that to me in Belgium and it was a fantastic pairing that I brought back to Canada with me. Great with steak, too!
  7. that's what the US servicemen in Vietnam said when the M16 saw one of its first large scale deployments.. they preferred the 4x cheaper AKs over the M16s in the muddy climates, too!
  8. Ah! That reminds me of the Gurkha His Royal Majesty where the most value is in the box and not the cigars itself. ........
  9. Yeah - that'll happen! I normally purge more after a few of those awful Non-Cuban powerhouses. But it's happened to me on Habanos, too!
  10. Wilkey! My fellow enerdgineering friend! Have you considered basic metallurgy as a light hobby? It's easy to start out as the moulds aren't too expensive. The only thing you'll need is an oxy-C2H4 torch which can run into the 150-350 dollar range. Other than that, it's a really nice hobby to enthrall yourself into. So far, I've been able to make a lead ring (useless, but good starting point) Sent from the Enigma via Tapatalk for BlackBerry Classic.

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