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  1. Yeah Margaret river hotel would not be a place for a cigar at all. Settlers would be ok probably. I would grab some takeaway drinks and head either to the coast or the bush and chill out there. I've never tried to buy a cigar in margs and I doubt you would find one anyway. Better to byo or grab one from Subiaco if you have none
  2. I've had a few with numbers or indeterminate scribble inside the band. No idea of their purpose. I do have a RASCC box with a little mark on it that had the same/similar mark inside a few of the bands. I'll try to get a pic up when I return home
  3. What about a kickstarter to get CCW to build an app to integrate with the website. That would be awesome
  4. Well at least we got a fairly entertaining porno out of it anyway. So I've heard...
  5. I love Rock & Roll, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Good song imo
  6. They were my gateway cigar and will always hold a soft spot in my heart even though the RyJ profile doesn't really suit my taste anymore. I haven't had one in a year or so but would still go for them
  7. I will take two boxes please Di [emoji33] fine cigar lolololo
  8. I think the small label is supposed to be the tabacuba one that's usually hidden beneath the seal
  9. It's such a shame. I feel so bad for the bowler too, he must be going through hell
  10. To my great grandfather in the First World War, my Grandfather in Asia and Africa in the second and my father in Vietnam, I love and am thinking of you all. Lest we forget
  11. Great feature mate [emoji2] I'm a fan of it and find it more visually appealing than just an excel spreadsheet. Also handy to export a csv to import into excel if needed

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