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Yesterday on a German Autobahn on the ride back from our Portmann cigar week-end in Switzerland.

Two identical black camouflaged monsters followed by a support car were test driving on a no speed limit stretch of black top.

They passed us, we passed them ( driving an AMG Mercedes ), they passed us again and finally disappeared into the future kicking up dust in our faces.

Guess the car model right and the closest/right "guesser" will receive a custom rolled Cañonazo with my personal band sent to him/her.

Anyone is free to participate - except Frank and Jos, my Belgian friends - who had it right from the start being absolute car buffs.

Offer only available on my site and on Friends of Habanos and valid 3 days.


Rob / Mods : Feel free to delete if not appropiate - Thanks.


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colt got it

You send him a cigar then .... :-)

Nice answers, I'll wait a bit - but considering the replies so far I might shorten the timeframe to 3 hrs .... just kidding.

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The new Fiat!!!

LOL !!

Guess I will send not just one cigar away but a few ...... !!

Considering the results so far I should have limited the time frame to 3 hours, but having announced 3 days, I will stick to it for fairness sake ( and time zone differences ).

Very qualified replies, thank you very much so far, I am off to bed now and will start banding the Cañonazos tomorrow and getting them ready to send off :-)

Fun guess game that is a "spur of the moment" result of a monster hang-over from a great week-end with great friends party.gif

Nino ... Good night and good luck

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3 days eh? *glances over guesses* Think I'll just repeat everyone elses guess! stir.gif

Not quite getting it ... looking.gif

But just to clarify : winner is the first reply of the correct model or closest answer ( time stamp of post here / reply on my site ).

BTW : It's NOT a Fiat ..... and no Volkswagen either innocent.gif

Good night ... and good luck.

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