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  1. Anyone looking for a large temp and RH controlled humidor in North Texas? Let me know. Comes with fans, timers and wireless monitoring system with 3 sensors. 24 cubic ft. Johnson thermostat control, ect. I also have a smaller winecooler humidor with custom cedar drawers and trays. Also has johnson thermostat controls and cigar oasis. [email protected]
  2. Skyfall

    Trigger Mortis

    Trigger Mortis - the new James Bond novel, written by acclaimed Anthony Horowitz,commissioned and authorized by the Ian Fleming Estate, is another stellar read. This novel has a great time setting, plot and plenty of action all expertly written by a true expert. I read an interview that Horowitz was actually given recently found, unused literary notes by Fleming himself that he intended to use but never did. If you have liked the last 3 (Flemingesque) Bond Novels, written by some of the greats, you will like this read.
  3. 1) My House 2) Anybody else's house where I can cook my own steak. 3) Chamberlain's 4) Bob's 5) Pappa Bros. 6) iii Forks 7) Lonesome Dove
  4. Will do! Just need to find the time soon for a "special occasion" Maybe on Father's Day I will throw down an epic Steak as usual , pop this open with a Monte Sublime or something else magnificent.
  5. Don't know why the pics are sideways. I'll fix it in the morning. .
  6. Doing some spring cleaning, and found this at the back of one of my cabinets , hidden away. On it's side, in a dark and cool environment. It seems to have kept well. Ken, any input on its merits?
  7. Saw this on opening day, I can confidently declare "Mad Max: Fury Road" as my personal Holy Grail of action flicks. It is George Miller's masterpiece, (with all due respect to Mel's legendary portrayal) the best Mad Max film, and an absolute clinic on high octane filmmaking. The world building is second to none, and the character development is astonishingly achieved despite a completely economical approach to dialogue and exposition. Action film fans owe it to themselves to witness this modern classic.
  8. True Detective Season 2 Teaser.
  9. Skyfall

    Black Sails

    He was a BOSS in King Arthur, which also featured many of my favorite actors!!!
  10. Skyfall

    Black Sails

    They are already filming Season 3 and have cast Ray Stevenson as Black Beard!!!!! Should be awesome!!!
  11. The trailer looks awesome. Fosgate has the link above, here is the embedded video.
  12. Glad you are here finally Bud!
  13. Cohiba PE, love the floral notes I get from these. Best in the world - NO
  14. I give away 10 times as many sticks as I've ever sold or traded......

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