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  1. Thanks for all the recs guys, I'll check them out except the ones that violate my EL and 52rg rules LOL. Thanks for the welcome Lisa and Joseph. J I'll see you later this week to have a smoke hopefully.
  2. One of the best cohibas, 08s smoking well as are newish ones.
  3. Awesome thanks John, maybe I'll have Rob put together a sampler for me minus the ELs LOL. Only had one mc2 in my life that's been worth smoking.
  4. Hahaa thanks man. Haven't had a current bcg only some vintage ones. Haven't had a famoso in years I thought vr went down the toilet. I do enjoy perlas as I have a couple boxes. Thanks bro, ya I noticed man so disappointing they're all over instagram. I've heard hdm is smoking well right now is this across the board? Same with picas though I'm not a pl fan, are they accessible? Connie As are just too damn expensive for a 10 ct since I'm not a huge upmann guy. LOL so I see. Let me know when you're back homie. Haven't herfed with the guys in a long time, got burnt out from the same scenery plus I've been hustling. My buddy keeps inviting me to grand havana but I haven't been able to make it due to timing. I mainly smoke at work but I can't have anything spectacular because I get interrupted by customers all the time! Is current bbf nice? I do enjoy some bolivar from time to time. I plan on picking up some mc4 and mc5, got too much rass but it's never enough.
  5. Sup guys, been out of the loop for awhile and wanted to see what's good, what's bad and what's new with current production stuff. Thanks for any and all recs, getting back on track.
  6. Love it, let them keep publishing that stuff in an effort to bolster their sales. CA is to cigars as GQ is to dressing well.
  7. 898 keeps calling my name, this box gets better and better also my d4s done with a box of rass awhile back and damn I'm wanting to crack another since that's my smoke
  8. leo where's the defi made? think my buddy has the red one but black is my color of choice

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